16 Miles and 1/3 of My Fundraising Goal

Yesterday’s run started out HARD. I forgot to take a Gu (my energy gel) before we started, and couldn’t figure out why the first hill before we even reached the 1-mile mark was SO hard. Then I remembered I hadn’t taken Gu but you need to wash it down with water and I didn’t have any, so I had to wait for the first water stop around Mile 2. After that, I felt much better.

When we started out, it was around 2o° with the wind chill. I was comfortable in my fancy new DFMC 2017 jacket – which we got yesterday before the run started so naturally everyone wore theirs to run – plus a tank top and long-sleeved based layer. But by mile 2, I stripped off my gloves and ear warmer and never put them back on again. The sun was strong and the sky was cloudless, and the winds had died down. They would pick back up later, but I never felt cold.

The first 4 miles were mostly downhill (minus the first big but short uphill) – the Newton Hills in reverse. At Mile 4, I ran across the street to use the bathroom at the Newton Firehouse, and I apparently wasn’t the only one with that idea. This is now the second long run in a row where I needed to use the bathroom. Normally I got about 17 times before I run and then my bladder kinda shuts down, but not these last two weekends. Strange…

After that (and losing almost 10 minutes in line), I turned around to head back up the hills. I had been sorta-kinda running with Jess for the first 4, but she wasn’t feeling well so she was taking it a little slow and walking more, so I thought I’d catch back up with her quickly. Not so! It took me almost 3 miles to finally catch up to her – and I felt like I was sprinting up all those hills. We didn’t really run much together at all after that, so it was pretty lonely for me but I never got in my own head like I sometimes do when I run alone. It was too beautiful of a day. There were lots of other charity teams out on the course, and one stranger even cheered “Go Dana-Farber – you’re awesome!” when he saw my jacket.

20170218_113810Around Mile 6, I had to shed the sleeves of my jacket. I am SO grateful this jacket easily converts into a vest with a big pocket in the back to shove the sleeves. I actually had already shoved that pocket full my gloves and earwarmers, so one of our amazing volunteers agreed to keep my sleeves and unwanted layers in his truck at our water stop, and I’d pick them up at Mile 14.

After running up Heartbreak Hill for the second time before 11:30am, alone both times, I took a selfie and was seriously so proud of myself. I hadn’t walked at all up this hill (but I was trying to do 1 minute of walking for every mile of running), and definitely did not let it beat me the way it did last weekend in the snow. I still had another 1.5 miles to go, but they were all downhill and my adrenaline enabled me to cruise despite being exhausted. I really did intend to run 16.2 miles – so that all I have left to prove to myself is another 10 exactly, but I couldn’t quite continue on after all my teammates who had already finished were cheering for me back at BC. I’ll consider 16.09 a success and a new record!


After brunch consisting of chocolate milk, one IPA, one mimosa, two scrambled eggs (which I did not finish), an order of waffle fries (also did not finish), and lots of water, I finally went home. I walked Rags in my running gear – still damp but it was so warm outside that I didn’t even care. After a hot bath and a hot shower, I tried to nap but as usual, couldn’t. I eventually ordered some takeout (note to self: Anna’s is great but not with delivery) and rested on the couch, but chose to forego any alcohol. My lips were either sunburnt, windburnt, or I was seriously dehydrated. My stomach was also unhappy, so I called it a night very early.

On Friday before the end of the workday, I finally got around to sending the email I had written weeks ago to my colleagues. That resulted in a few donations and got me past the 1/3 mark of my fundraising goal.

As of this post, I’ve raised $3,620 toward my $10,000 fundraising goal! It’s scary how much I still have left to go with 2 months minus 2 days until Marathon Monday, but I know I’ll get it done just like I’ve gotten every long run done.

If you haven’t already… www.rundfmc.org/2017/kellyp



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