Snow, Snow, Go Away

Anyone who knows me, knows I love snow. I always have. Winter 2015 took its toll on everyone eventually, but it took a while for me to get sick of it. I’ll be honest – I love working from home so the fact that Boston’s transportation system comes to a screeching halt any time it snows is actually A-OK with me.

Rags also loves the snow, despite doing most of his “growing up” in Florida. He won’t walk in snow without his dumb boots, but since I always remember to put those on, he’s happy as a clam and never wants to come in from the snow.

However, I keep hearing horror stories from my DFMC teammates about training for the 2015 Boston Marathon in snow banks taller than them. I guess there was one 4-mile stretch between Boston College and Newton that they would run every weekend because it was safe, sometimes for their 20+ mile runs. Um, no thank you!

We’ve been so spoiled this year with the weather. This past weekend was the first truly cold run I’ve experienced, and it was mostly because of the wind. So with today’s 12-18″ N’oreaster forcing us to reschedule the In-Memory Dinner to the one week all winter that I have to travel for work, I’m less a fan of the snow right now.

To make matters even worse, Saturday’s long run originates at the BSC in Waltham again. We were there in January, and it’s a tough run to begin with because of the hills, but it’s also curvy with no sidewalks. This means with snowbanks a foot or higher, our run is in jeopardy. Coach Jack told us we should have a backup plan ready to go every week, but that’s never been necessary until now.

Here’s mine:

  • Last night – 4 miles, after I saw a girl get hit by a car so badly I’m not sure she’s alive right now. She wasn’t a runner, but it was a good reminder to always light myself up like a Christmas tree when I go running and check twice for cars.
  • This morning – the plan was to do another 4 before the snow started but due to some lady problems, I had to get up at 5am to take ibuprofen and go back to sleep with my heating pad. By the time I was human again, the ice pellets were falling (they hurt!) but quickly turned to snow falling quickly. Running won’t be safe during the day – but maybe later will be OK once it stops.
  • Friday – after work, buy Gu! I’m almost out. I included a stop at Marathon Sports in Brookline on both of my evening routes this week, but they close at 7pm. I should also swim, but I’m trying to be home more with Rags after I’m at work all day.
  • Saturday – if the long run is in fact canceled, a couple people are going to meet at BC, run to the Newton Firehouse, then run back to BC. That’s 8 miles. I live about 1-1.5 miles away depending on where on campus we meet and which route I take, and then I will probably just run straight home and into my hot bath afterward, so I can easily tack on an extra 4 miles to get to my planned 12.



After my run Wednesday night. I was literally glowing – even my face was reflective with sweat! Notice my Joey pouch of tissues in the front of my reflective vest – I never leave home without them.



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