15 (Brutal) Miles

As I type this, I am lying in my bed fighting sleep with the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy on while waiting for my takeout order to arrive. I am also icing the back of my left knee and hamstring, wishing I also had some ice for the soles of my feet. My feet felt fine on the run – I think they’re just sore now. My hamstring also felt mostly OK for the run, but I always ice it afterward.

I am so proud I ran 15 miles this morning – my new farthest run but actually not my longest. Last weekend’s 14 miles took 2:46:03 because I was doing a 3-minute run/1-minute walk interval. Today’s 15 miles took me 2:45:01 because I was running almost the entire time, but my new running buddy, Jackie, and I needed to walk a few times during the last 5 miles.


Jackie and I somehow still smiling at Mile 12 – this will be her third Boston with DFMC! Our amazing water stop volunteers must have been SO much colder than us and I am SO grateful for them.


We were cruising for the first 7.5 miles and kept trying to slow ourselves down. But once we turned around to head back for the second half, the headwind was insane and we got really cold. I was warm for the first half so I was soaked, only making me more cold in the wind.

I got an amazing massage yesterday afternoon, but he hit some spots where I was especially tender, and they’re still sore today. My muscles themselves aren’t sore – it’s really a superficial soreness – but with every step I took, my sore “love handles” jiggled and it did not feel good. I think next time I will plan my massage for a Monday. I am definitely planning to go back to the same place, though. I can’t recommend Brian at E-Motion Sports Massage in Everett enough.

I have nothing to do today other than give Rags his triple doses of Lasix and take him outside to pee probably 4-5 more times today. I came home to the poor guy’s first accident in 6+ years, but it wasn’t pee. I think upping his calorie intake by 3x backfired a bit, and we may need to back off and add more food a little more slowly and gradually so that it stays inside him.

I’m looking forward to dropping back on mileage next weekend. Our novice training plan calls for 12-14 miles (it’s been 14-16 the last two weekends), so I think I’m going to aim for 12 with hopefully no walking. But before the next long run, I’m looking forward to the In-Memory Program Dinner on Thursday night. I can’t wait to meet the Abrams’ in person and learn more about Taty, my biggest inspiration for running and my official In-Memory Patient Partner.


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