Thank You, Julianna, Aunt Lori and Uncle Larry!

The offer of a dozen homemade cookies proved too enticing for three of my generous supporters. I raised $305 in 24 hours – my best day yet aside from one $1,000 donation last month.

Juliana, MacKenzie, Kathryn, me, and Cathleen at a Dana-Farber Communications Department summer outing

Julianna was one of my favorite people at Dana-Farber, until she abandoned us to go back to Syracuse. Just kidding about the abandonment part, kinda. I was so sad about her departure that we said our goodbyes a day early, before it felt really real. Her last day was the day I was moving into my first Boston apartment from the ‘burbs in Woburn, so we spared the tears. I’m so lucky to have known her and I would not be upset if she just happened to visit Boston on say, I don’t know, April 17th or so… HINT HINT! Julianna is the one who got me to the $2,000 milestone and I am so grateful. Thank you, Julianna!

My fabulous Aunt Lori and Uncle Larry brought me up and over the $2,000 mark with their recent donations.

Aunt Lori and her furry baby, Casey, who was such a good pup.

Aunt Lori is my mom’s baby sister and my godmother. She spoiled me rotten as a kid, and overnights or school vacations at her house were always my favorite. Her daughter, Jill, and I were inseparable, and I was so honored to be Jill’s Maid of Honor what feels like a million years ago. I was so glad to catch up with my Aunt Lori over Thanksgiving break. She and her husband, my Uncle Mike, have lived in North Carolina for over a decade so we don’t get to see each other too often. She also passed on the cookies so they are still up for grabs, and she told me to focus on my training rather than baking – sage advice. Aunt Lori is the biggest Pats fan there is, so here’s to hoping for a very happy Superbowl Sunday for her this weekend. Thank you, Aunt Lori!

Uncle Larry with my Grandma (his mom).

My Uncle Larry is by far the most generous family member. He gets every single person in the family a Christmas gift, every year. I owe half of my “toolbox” to him. He’s the reason I have lantern-style flashlight that doubles as an emergency radio, a weather station that tells me how ungodly hot it is inside my apartment 12 months a year, and a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee mug – one of my favorite mugs because it holds so dang much coffee! He is my mom’s older brother and a twin to my Uncle Gary, and is named after my Grandpa, his dad, Lawrence. Thank you, Uncle Larry!

With that, I now have less than $8,000 to go – $7,800 to be exact! Be my next donor because cookies are still on the table, people!


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