Thank You, Cathleen!

Despite some technical difficulties (the Dana-Farber folks have admitted the fundraising website isn’t that great, but it’s free and doesn’t take a cut of donations like GoFundMe and CrowdRise do), Cathleen is my latest donor!

At the 2014 BAA 5K!

Cathleen was my Dana-Farber homegirl. She had already been working there for more than a year when I joined, and I knew right away that I could learn a lot from her. When we had to work late night and weekend events together, I got to know her even better and pretty soon, she was someone I considered a friend outside of work – and I have always tried hard to keep my personal and professional lives separate. Cathleen is the one who convinced me to sign up for that first BAA 5K in 2014, which we together!

Cathleen took a new job just six weeks before I did. Those six weeks were the worst of my whole time there, because “my person” was gone! It was also hard because even though I knew I was very close to leaving as well and was trying to focus on the exciting new chapter coming up, work was a lot less fun without her.

We still get together every other month or so with our other DFCI girls Naomi and MacKenzie, and Cathleen is always the first to cheer me on or share encouraging words whether I’ve just completed my longest run to date, am struggling with a professional dilemma, or getting ready for a first date.

On the field at Fenway with my Radio-Telethon partner-in-crime.

Although I’m still sad I don’t get to see her face every day at work, I’m so lucky to know this badass chick and have her support. Thank you, Cathleen!

And with that, I’m just $105 shy of my next fundraising milestone – the $2,000 mark / 20% of my $10,000 goal. If you want to earn a free batch of my delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies, the next $105 donation will get you exactly that!


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