11 Miles – Done

Yesterday’s 11-mile training run was not easy. To spare my readers – especially the guys – much detail, let’s just say I woke up not feeling great but there was next to nothing I could do about it. You really aren’t supposed to take ibuprofen before running, but it was either that or I bailed on the run, so I made sure to eat a good breakfast (English muffin with peanut butter and a cup of coffee) but had to take some to take the edge off my cramps.

It was SO COLD but it always seems to be SO COLD on Saturday long runs. It was 60° on Thursday! Speaking of Thursday, I ran the second half of our 5-mile run with two teammates, one of them was Jessica. I liked their pace but Jessica said she was struggling to keep up with me. I thought I was keeping up with her! It seems we pushed each other, and that’s awesome in my opinion. So afterward, I told her I wanted to run with her on Saturday but she said she would be too slow for me. “We’ll see,” I told her.

Come Saturday, the team met at Marathon Sports in Wellesley – the same place we met for our one and only group long run in December. It’s a great store but they only have one real bathroom and then a staff bathroom in the basement. I went as soon as we got there, but I always have to “nervous pee” several times before runs so I really needed to go again 30 minutes later when we were all about to head outside, but the line was so long. They told us the firehouse on the route would let us go there, so I ran my fastest 3 miles yet so that I could just hurry up and get to a bathroom! I passed Jessica during those 3 miles, and she was like, “Told you you’re too fast for me!” But I reassured her I was only hurrying to get to the bathroom.

With our amazing volunteers (in camo) at Matty’s water stop. We’re all smiles after already having run at least 8 miles!

Right after I used the firehouse bathroom, I came up to the first water stop. Jessica was there with Lori, another DFMC teammate, and we ended up running together for almost the rest of our 8 miles. Lori and Jessica were so funny and chatty and that kept me distracted from how long we were running, and I tried to chime in when I could, but I was really struggling. Not because the run was hard, but because my “condition” was taking all my energy, causing back pain I only get 1-2 days a month, and just making me want to stop every 50 feet. But I never did! Well, we had to for a couple of red lights and then we stopped at three water stops. The last mile of this route is a KILLER. No matter how far you run, you have a long, gradual uphill for the final mile back to Marathon Sports. It’s not steep but it seems to go on forever. I suck at hills and wanted to walk SO BADLY but I dug in and took it slow but never walked. I felt SO awesome afterward and really proud of myself for not stopping or walking.

What was really cool about this run is that there were a lot of other running groups out on the course. I’m told Saturday mornings will be even more packed as we get closer to Marathon Monday. I think we were the only ones who started as far west, but the route was Miles 15-19 of the actual Boston Marathon course so it was nice to practice the actual course again.


I was so pooped afterward, but as usual, couldn’t nap right away. I actually never really napped at all – just lied in bed in my dark bedroom with all technology off/silent for a few hours. It helped, but I was just too exhausted to drive 2 hours to my mom’s like I had planned. Instead, I treated myself to a burger & fries and went to bed early, then got up to come to my mom’s early this morning. Tomorrow is a holiday so I’m spending the night. I feel good now but will see how I feel when I get back to Boston before I commit to running. I’m supposed to do 4 miles Monday, 5 miles Tuesday, 6 miles Thursday, and 12 miles Saturday. I’ll definitely run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but sometimes I am still feeling Saturday’s run on Mondays.


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