Thank You, Julianna, Aunt Lori and Uncle Larry!

The offer of a dozen homemade cookies proved too enticing for three of my generous supporters. I raised $305 in 24 hours - my best day yet aside from one $1,000 donation last month. Julianna was one of my favorite people at Dana-Farber, until she abandoned us to go back to Syracuse. Just kidding about… Continue reading Thank You, Julianna, Aunt Lori and Uncle Larry!


14 Miles…If They All Count

I’m not feeling as proud of my new longest run – 14 miles – because I followed a run/walk protocol for the entire run. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I was incredibly tight all week. I also really aggravated my hamstring at some point. It was likely on Friday night, when I unknowingly chose… Continue reading 14 Miles…If They All Count