Training Weeks 1-2, but Not 3

Official training for the 2017 Boston Marathon kicked off on December 12, but let me back up a bit. My physical therapist had given permission to start running again the week of Thanksgiving. It was slow and steady at first, but I was feeling pretty good with the run/walk intervals. We moved to once a week appointments instead of twice a week. By the week of December 4, I wanted to “start” the training program to make sure I’d be able to keep up with everyone for our first Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge group run the following Saturday. I did 4┬ámiles Monday, 3┬ámiles Tuesday, 3 miles Thursday, and then 6 miles (out of the possible 10 miles some people on the group run did, but then again, some only ran 3-4 so I wasn’t at the bottom of the pack). My PT specifically told me not to run 6 after only having run 3-4 max up until then, but I felt good and I took a few walk breaks during the second half of the run because it was a lot of uphill.

That run was pretty cool because I ran Miles 15-18 of the Boston Marathon, then turned around and ran 18-15. Miles 15-18 are the Wellesley Hills, which lead into the Newton Hills, which end with Heartbreak Hill. It was cool to run part of the course I’ve never run before. In fact, I’ve never run further west than Heartbreak. Continue reading