#GivingTuesday for DFMC

I’ll admit it – I love the holidays. I love the smell of pine and cinnamon and the cold air and the pretty lights and time with loved ones. I love spending an entire day baking cookies to give away (and eat a lot, too). I love making lists of ideas for the perfect gifts to give, crossing things off my list, and most of all – wrapping said gifts.

The last part is why a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. Gifts can be burdensome – whether you’re on the giving or receiving end. For example, my brother hates giving my parents his obligatory wish list every year. But he’s hard to shop for! And then there’s the cost. Yes, I know – homemade gifts are best. But that’s not realistic for everyone. Continue reading


My First Week of Plated Meals

Note: I started writing this post several weeks ago, but forgot about. I didn’t take pictures of the second 2 meals and I don’t remember a ton of specifics so I am working off my limited memory (it’s been a long month).

Last month, I tried Blue Apron. It was completely free with no strings attached, but I did not think it would be worth it to continue. I was also disappointed with the upcoming meal choices. I am still frustrated that once you select one meal, several others disappear so you are pretty much forced to pick either three meat meals or three vegetarian meals, with very little flexibility, and that’s a huge turn-off for me. I also never heard back from them regarding a missing key ingredient (the tempura mix for the tempura avocado meal). I didn’t necessarily want another $10 discount (they gave me $10 off my next delivery when I told them the lemon arrived crushed and unusable), but a reply would’ve been nice.

While discussing my general disappointment with Blue Apron, a coworker told me she had tried it with the same impression and had switched to Plated. She offered to send me a free week of meals. OK! Continue reading

Making Progress in Physical Therapy

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and it’s now been more than a month since I last ran. I’ve completed 2 full weeks of physical therapy so far and am feeling good. My hamstring hurts less and less each day.

PT has been interesting. The first session was focused on my injury, my current pain level, and my goals (be able to start training and successfully finish the Boston Marathon, all pain-free!). My PT, whom we’ll call P, is so great. I asked him if he was a runner, too. He said “No, but I’ve run a couple of marathons.” Sounds like me: “I’m not a runner. I’ve run 12+ 5Ks, a 4-miler, a 10K, a half marathon, and am running Boston this April, but I’m not a runner.” Continue reading