Thanks x6!

I sent out my first fundraising email last week, and it has already worked! Some very generous friends made donations in response, so I wanted to take the time to publicly thank them.


312983_655628817607_1696263541_nFirst, is my dear friend Elizabeth. She is known to almost everyone as “Beth” but for some reason, everyone from Junior League always called her by her full name. Whether you know her as Elizabeth or Beth, you know she is one the most kind, giving people who also like, takes no BS so we got along great. She’s the mom to three adorable cuties and fiercely passionate about the causes she believes in. Elizabeth lost her uncle to cancer in 2013 and when I ran the 2014 B.A.A. 5K for Dana-Farber, I wrote his name on my KT tape. I’m no longer in Junior League (I moved too far away and don’t have time to join the Boston chapter) and I haven’t seen Elizabeth in way too long, but she send me the nicest note of encouragement and support. Girl, we need to have a glass of wine next time I’m in Western Mass!


Oh, Michael. Michael is a Director in the Dana-Farber communications department. He is by far the best asset that entire department has. He is brilliant and funny, and also a survivor himself – he was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2011 and treated at Dana-Farber, and has shared his experience on being a patient on the Insight blog. Michael’s name is definitely going somewhere on me on April 17. When I quit, telling him was difficult. We had such a great rapport, but he understood why I was leaving. We have since kept in touch and I miss working with him all the time.


ksKerry was my No. 1 homegirl when I worked at Dana-Farber. She is a special events extraordinaire and is probably personally responsible for raising like $10 million. Kerry joined the special events team right before I started, and we worked together on an insane number of events during my tenure. She made work fun, especially when I had to awkwardly stand around at fancy events, carrying a clipboard and waiting for reporters who promised they’d show up. We spent days on boats, beaches, in the clinic, running around Fenway for 48 hours, and schlepping to and from Western Mass for an annual event in the dead of winter…all in the name of fundraising for Dana-Farber. On a personal note, Kerry is an equestrian (retired?) and a crazy fitness guru who can dead-lift more than any dude I know. I miss Kerry and the rest of her team, because they were incredibly talented but also ridiculously fun. No one rocks a headset quite like you, Kerry!


shannon-wattersonShannon and I worked together at Dana-Farber. She started right after me and we were some of the last remaining members of the original Fun Club. I’m not sure the Fun Club still exists but Shannon is still at Dana-Farber, killing it I’m sure! We got to work together on some of the same “clients” and she is also very passionate about her work the way I was. She walks the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk every year to support the Young Adult Program (YAP) and also runs a lot of the local 5Ks that I run, too. She also donates platelets regularly, and has encouraged me to do the same – although I’m still sticking to my quick & easy whole blood donation every 56 days for now.

Julie & Ben

1085443_10101515313556449_1435753394_nOne-half of one of my favorite couples, I met Julie the same day I met Elizabeth and the three of us had quite a run together when we all lived in Western Mass. Her husband, Ben, is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. They’ve since moved back to their home state of Kansas but we keep in touch. Julia & Ben had their son shortly after I moved to Boston (I helped throw her baby shower!) and their daughter this past summer. I miss them a lot and am so grateful for their constant support!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I’m at $325 so far – which is a long way from $10,000 – but haven’t received any donations from family members (except my mom) and haven’t even shared the link with coworkers yet so I’m right on par with where I thought I’d be.





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