Thank you, Mom!

My mom is officially my second donor! She has decided to make a monthly gift for the next six months. She wants to make a significant donation, but that can be challenging for most of us all at once. So instead, she’s going to donate monthly. What a great idea!My mom is the strongest person I know. She has faced so much

62301_837753094375_1395955870_nMy mom is the strongest person I know. She has faced so much physically throughout her entire life. From being born with an incredibly rare birth defect (missing hip socket), to being hit by a car at a young age, she basically grew up at Newington Children’s Hospital (funny sidenote: it was once called the Newington Home for Incurables) – now known as Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. She’s had two hip replacements and a reconstruction, and lives in constant pain.

My mom will never run a marathon. In fact, she’ll never run a 5K, or even run around the block. These days, walking to the kitchen takes everything she has. My biggest dream is not running a marathon. It’s having both of my parents – especially my mom – walk me down the aisle one day, unassisted. I know that I’m making that more difficult by not being engaged or even having someone in mind (unless Tim Tebow is interested? anyone know?) at the ripe age of 32, but it is through amazing scientific advances that my mom is able to have hope of walking without pain one day. She achieved it once with an implanted neurostimulator, but it failed after about a year-and-a-half. Now, she is on her second device, and we are patiently waiting for the dang thing to start working correctly so she can find relief.

So while I am running this marathon to raise funds for cancer research, it is my mom’s strength I will carry with me on those 26.2 miles. It is her who I will be thinking of as I run. She may never run, but I can run far enough for the both of us.

Thank you, Mom. I love you!



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