Reading BAA Half Marathon Race Reviews

I am a sponge for information. I love looking up things – anything. Historical weather data, details about shows I watch, spending an hour on Wikipedia going down rabbit holes when all I meant to look up was someone’s middle name, etc. So when I sign up for a race, I want to know everything about the route. Sometimes, I don’t even know the route ahead of time for smaller races or the course map is actually a hand-drawn map that someone has scanned in and posted online (Run for the Horses 5K, Tim Paige Memorial Long Meddowe Days 5K). But when you run a big race, you can actually google “[race name] blog” and find reviews and recaps in people’s personal blogs.

Thanks to the following four bloggers, I got some great intel about this weekend’s Half.

B.A.A. Half Marathon Recap via The Ultimate Finish Line (she ran with DFMC the past two Boston Marathons!)

B.A.A. HALF MARATHON RACE RECAP via The Fit Foodie Files (great insight, but I hope she is right about the hills being nothing too major. I’ve heard otherwise!)

Race Review: The BAA Half Marathon and Distance Medley via Run Kimmy, Run! (this is the post I read several months ago that opened up my eyes to what a machine the BAA can be, and how unfriendly their races can be to amateur runners)

Race Review: 2014 B.A.A. Half Marathon (10/12/2014), or: “Many, many men can’t see the open road…” via Hokeyboy (I laughed so much reading this. I, too, am a self-described colossal dork, so I hope I can have as good a race and enjoy it as much as he did)

I plan to write my own recap at some point next week so others can benefit from (and maybe laugh at) my insight before signing up for or running next year’s BAA Half Marathon.


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