Thank You, Teresa!

Teresa and I at the 2016 Super Sunday 5K – a (still current) PR for me!

Thank you to my very first donor, my former colleague and now friend, Teresa! She and I worked together at Dana-Farber the whole time I was there, and she trained me on so many of the high level responsibilities that I had for our SVP and the Board of Directors. She was one of the most supportive colleagues I’ve had – especially during the challenging times. We’ve both since moved on but we stay in touch and have even run a couple of races together. Any by together, I mean Teresa waits for me at the finish line because she’s a cheetah!

Teresa is the one who gave me the half marathon training plan I’ve been following for the past few months and is so excited for and supportive of my marathon run. And hey T – who would’ve thought I’d be running a marathon before you, right?!

You can’t be the  first, but you could be my second donor:


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