Motivation on My First 10-Miler

The coolest thing happened during my run on Saturday. Well, OK two cool things. The first, that I almost forgot to mention, is that I ran 10 miles! That’s the longest/farthest I’ve ever run. The weather couldn’t have been better. It was in the 60s when I started out and the sun still wasn’t too high, so there was plenty of shade as I headed into Newton and down Heartbreak Hill (yes, down it). I ran deeper into Newton than I ever have, and was not expecting the hills coming up Beacon St heading back toward Brighton. I was surprised by how little I sweat (compared to normal, so still a good amount) and how little water I needed – my two 10-ounce bottles were actually enough.

20160924_112123Here’s the cool thing: at the last sucky hill, I noticed an older gentleman running on the other side of the street (on the sidewalk, like me). I guessed he was in his 60s but given how fit he was, he could very well have been in his 70s and just looked really good. He didn’t stop running up the hill so I didn’t either. In fact, I didn’t walk/stop on ANY of the hills during my whole run. Go me!

My route took me to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir for 2.5 loops around/4 miles. After the first loop, I stopped for a Gu – my second of the run. I took one at the 4-mile and 8-mile marks. As I was throwing away the package, I saw the guy. He was still moving and said, “You didn’t stop coming up that hill!” in a really congratulatory tone. I said, “Yeah, I was watching YOU!” He replied (still jogging), “I said to myself, “She is NOT stopping!”” So I said, “Thanks!” He seemed proud of me, and impressed. I was proud of me and impressed, too!

It’s not often I hear positive encouragement during my runs. Because I run alone, it’s really only during races that I hear it. This exchange made me think that running with others could be more motivating. I just need to find someone who runs at my tortoise pace.

So yeah, I ran 10 miles! My left knee/low hamstring (I am convinced it’s the latter) was only a nagging pain until I got home. It got progressively and seriously worse as I came off my runner’s high. I dumped two full bags of ice into my bath and it still wasn’t cold enough to numb the pain. Next time – three bags. I got a late start that morning and didn’t have time to nap before I had to be downtown for the Florida game watch party. By kickoff, I was in so much pain I could barely stand and was miserable and exhausted. Needless to say, I didn’t have a very good time and the terrible second half that ended in a loss didn’t help much. I went home and went to bed very early for a Saturday night, knowing there was no way I could run the Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5K the next morning. Fortunately, I was planning to do race day registration so I didn’t forfeit anything. I was in a lot of pain yesterday, and tried not to walk much but I still ending up getting my 10,000+ steps. It’s feeling much better today than it was the previous two days, but still sore. I’m going to make an appointment for right after my half. No one is going to tell me I can’t run before then!


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