All The Races I’ve Run

I forgot to mention in my latest post that I ran another 5K recently. I signed up for the Race for the Horses 5K in Saratoga, NY. It was an official run/walk event, so I invited my dad to join – he doesn’t run. Personally, I am terrified of horses but I know race horses can have pretty sh*tty lives, especially once they can no longer race. And let’s face it – I was looking for another race, and I love running in new places. I did the Firecracker 4 in downtown Saratoga on July 4th, but this one was held at Saratoga Spa State Park.

My knee/hamstring pain was still pretty new then, and I had a miserable 4-mile run the day before on the backroads of good ol’ Providence, NY. So when the pain set in right around the 2-mile mark, I knew I was in trouble. I had been doing pretty OK for the first 2 miles, but then there was an uphill in the sun with no shade and my knee was hurting and I just kinda gave up and started walking. I picked back up again but had to walk another short stretch. I crossed the finish line at a pathetic 32:14 and immediately worked out when we got back to the cottage – trying to strengthen my glutes and the rest of my legs and take some of the pressure off my poor knee.


That’s me in front of the lady in orange – I’m also wearing orange with my hot pink shin sleeves. This was the first couple hundred feet of the race.


I did some digging, and I think I have now run 13 races and 11 5Ks. Again, we’re not counting the 5K I ran in 2008.

  1. April 2014 – BAA 5K
  2. June 2014 – North Suburban YMCA Fired Up 5K
  3. July 2014 – Tonneson + Co. 5K
  4. November 2014 – Boston River Run 5K
  5. November 2014 – Stuffing The Pantry 5K
  6. April 2015 – BAA 5K (the only race I ran in all of 2015! it was a rough year)
  7. February 2016 – Super Sunday 5K
  8. March 2016 – Craicfest 5K
  9. May 2016 – Tim Paige Memorial Long Meddowe Days 5K
  10. May 2016 – BASE Race 5K
  11. June 2016 – BAA 10K
  12. July 2016 – Firecracker 4
  13. September 2016 – Run for the Horses 5K

Once upon a time, I planned to run a race every month of the year. That was back in 2014. Clearly that plan didn’t work out because here we are more than 2 years later and only 13 races under my belt. Maybe in 2017?


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