A Brief Hiatus

It has been a long time since I posted, and almost as long since I ran…until last night.

I took a full week off from running after my epic sunburn of July 4th weekend. Running my 4-miler on the 4th was painful, but it only got worse as the sunburn turned to angry blisters and peeling skin that last for over a week, then became incredibly tight as new skin does. I couldn’t even ride my bicycle to work. I went to the Cape for a few days with my best friend and her in-laws, and logged two runs (3 miles and 4.5 miles), which were sluggish due to the heat and the fact that I was enjoying exploring a new place.

The following weekend, I ran 5 miles and 4 miles, but was miserable and hot. I didn’t run again until the next week, a 4-mile run on Saturday and my first 8-mile run on Sunday. I officially hate running in the heat. Continue reading