30 Miles in 10 Days

Since I last posted here, I have covered 30+ miles! I didn’t run all of them, and I’m not counting all my dog walks and walks between the parking garage and my office. I mean real workouts. After my 6-mile run last Saturday, I got myself a manicure using the gift certificate I still have from my birthday. I took the T there and ran home. 3 miles.

Tuesday morning before work, I went running. I wasn’t feeling great (more on that later), and every step was a struggle. 2 miles.

I did not run Thursday like I was supposed to, because I had to work late to make up time missed earlier in the day for a doctor’s appointment. Instead, I took a half day from work (Summer Fridays = 24 hours we can use in any combination on any Friday until Labor Day!) and went running in the afternoon. It was easily the best I’ve felt on a run in a long time! 3 miles.

Saturday was my dreaded 7-mile run. I was definitely hungover from having 5 beers over the course of as many hours the night before, and I was burping a lot but no puking, thankfully. Walked more than 60 seconds every mile. I was a hot mess, but I did it. 7 miles.

Saturday afternoon my brother and I headed back home to western Mass to take my dad out for dinner. On Sunday morning, the 3 of us headed out to Mt. Tom for a hike. We planned on 3-3.5 hours, and instead ending up on a 5-hour hike. 9 miles.

My glutes are definitely feeling it today, but I also am realizing how dang expensive it is to park at work every day ($12/day = approximately $240/month), so I want to start riding my bike at least 3 days a week instead of just on Wednesdays as originally planned. It’s 5.2ish miles each way. 10 miles.

What’s funny is I expected this morning to be a miserable bike ride, given how my butt cheeks feel. But instead, I felt great. My legs are definitely getting stronger every week from both riding and running so much. I had to keep upping the resistance (changing the gears but I don’t know if that means lower gear or higher gear?) because it felt too easy. Now granted, the ride TO work is a combination of downhill and flat, no uphill except the BU bridge, whereas the ride home is the opposite – uphill with some flat parts. So the ride home was a whole other story but seemed slightly less sucky than it was the previous two weeks.

I noticed after my run on Friday that I can’t stretch as well. Meaning, I can stretch but it doesn’t do as much as it once had because I’m getting a lot of flexibility back, especially in my quads and hamstrings. But my hips are still bothering me but MUCH less than in recent weeks, my shin splints hurt every now and then (I don’t wear my compression sleeves all the time), and my calves always feel tight and crampy, so I need to do more foam-rolling/muscle-sticking.

Unfortunately, the scale isn’t budging at all so it’s definitely time to get a lot more clean in my diet again.


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