A Weeklong Update: Two Races

OK, I’m definitely behind on updates.

I’ve run two races since surgery now. The first was the Long Meddowe Days Road Race on May 21, last Saturday. It wasn’t terrible. I finished in 29:55. The timing system never showed up, but my watch said I finished in 29:54 so I’d say they were pretty dang close at estimating. I was one of 69 people who ran, and ended up 47th place overall and 5th in my age group. Not great, but most of the people who ran were pretty legit runners so I’m OK with it.

Afterward, my face was beat red. I really had hoped being able to breathe through my nose would help the insane redness I get during runs, but apparently it has not. My face was still a little flushed two hours later—after breakfast, a shower, and some down time.

Overall, I felt OK during the race. It was chilly at the starting line but it was a cloudless morning so I was pretty warm by the end. I ended up wearing capris since it was so chilly at first.


I didn’t run at all last week until I did a 1.5-mile run on Friday, the start of my 4-day weekend at our cottage. I knew I needed to loosen up in advance of the 5K on Saturday. I wish I was better at taking pictures along my runs because even though it was hot, the view was great. There is a long stretch of open fields and farmland and although this view doesn’t show it because of the clouds, you can see the Adirondacks in the distance, pretty much any way you look.


2016-05-27 14.23.30
Lots of clouds in the distance, but only sunshine for our bike ride.


2016-05-27 15.07.54
Just one of the goose families we encountered.
2016-05-27 15.42.37
Love these bikes and bike rack painted in mint green. The bakery they’re outside of is called Leah’s Cakery.


After that warmup, I showered and we went into town so I could buy a new bike. I hadn’t been planning on buying one, but in my attempt to fit the bike I’ve been using for the last few years into my new car without a rack that fits properly, I must’ve lost the piece that connects the handlebars to the wheel, so the bike was pretty much useless. I ended up with a Schwinn 26” Ranger – a big improvement over the men’s bike that was too big for me: a crappy Magna with weird handlebars. After my dad did a minor tune-up, we hit the Zim Smith Trail for a 17-mile out and back. We passed chipmunks (one alive, one roadkill – murder by bicycle?) and a bunny, saw a deer cross the path just ahead of us, and carefully navigated around a flock of geese with their babies. By the end, my tailbone was KILLING but it was a great workout on an insanely gorgeous day. We rewarded ourselves with ice cream from Stewart’s on the way home (better than Friendly’s) and burgers on the grill for dinner.



My alarm went off bright and early on Saturday morning, as we needed to hit the road by 6:30am in order to get to Cooperstown for the BASE Race 5K at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a great, scenic drive through what is still somewhat Amish country of New York. There were several buggy caution signs, but we only saw two parked in the town center, none actually in transit.

We got to the race almost an hour early, which was good because I’d had a big iced coffee and needed to visit the portapotty multiple times. I get nervous before races! No t-shirts at this race – which is the only race I’ve ever run without one I think. We got medals instead, at registration rather than the finish line. Interesting.

I was already sweating at the starting line. It was my first race in shorts in almost two years – I always wear capris or pants. I regretted my decision to wear my white Red Sox cap, but it was the only baseball-themed thing I was wearing, so I kept it on. The race was bad. Very bad. I felt great at the start, but by the time we got to the 1-mile mark and I saw the water station, I was like, “OK, it’s early but I already could use some.” Unfortunately, the water station was a mess. There were two teenage girls handing out water, and they could not keep up. I appreciate volunteers at these small races I run but man, they could’ve used about 15 fewer volunteers at the start/finish area and a lot more at the two water stations. I felt especially bad for those running the 10K.


Stolen picture from the finish line.

Anyway, there was a literal line to get water so I decided to skip it. The next half-mile was all uphill. It was shaded, but steep. A lot of people walked but I’m one of those, “this sucks but let’s just get it over with” type of people when it comes to hills. As soon as we got to the top of the hill, we were back in the sun with no shade again on the rest of the course. By now I really needed water, and fortunately there was some at Mile 2. It’s a good thing I was keeping the pace I was, because they ran out of cups shortly after I passed by. Some people were drinking straight from the jugs while others picked up used cups from the ground. Gross. I walked for a few seconds so I could get most of the water into me rather than onto me, and started running again, but not for long. When I got to about the 2.7-mile mark, I started seeing stars. I was hot, dehydrated from not enough water (and too much coffee earlier), and feeling really bad. Even when I was walking, I thought I was going to pass out. I walked close to the grass in case I went down. I only walked for about 2/10th of a mile but it helped a ton. I was able to pick back up again, but by then, I was pretty much alone. There was no one in sight ahead of me or behind me as I entered the busy town center sidewalk. I really thought I had missed a turn. People were looking at me funny, and I took that as, “Where is this chick running to?” Turns out, I was still on course, but I was really confused for about 30 seconds. They were probably looking at my blood-red face thinking I was dying. I crossed the finish line at 32:36, my worst time in a year-and-a-half. I didn’t care at all. I was just so glad it was over.


Dad crossed the finish line at about the 50-minute mark. He walked the 5K, but ran over the finish line so I didn’t notice him – I was keeping my eyes out for him walking! We stuck around for the awards ceremony but neither of us placed. Ha! As if… I came in 6th in my age group, 23rd in the females (out of 84), and 49th overall (out of 154, so actually in the top 3rd overall!) and Dad was 9th in his age group and 133rd overall – not last! Good job, Dad!

We got free tickets to the Hall of Fame Classic game, but we were so hot and tired even after changing into dry clothes and cooling off in the AC for a while, that we decided to just head home. Had Brewery Ommegang not been closed for an event, we were going to go check it out. Instead, we took a different route home and ended up taking solid afternoon naps. I slept for over 2 hours, and could’ve stayed in bed all night but I was really looking forward to going out to dinner at our favorite little joint, I Go Inn. We sat on the patio overlooking the Sacandanga Lake, and it was close to perfect. The sun was still a few hours from setting and it wasn’t too hot and I enjoyed a few new beers I’d never had before. Dad got the shrimp basket and I got the clam basket and we split an order of wings.




A giant rock left behind by glacial melt.

We drove almost 3 hours each way to the Wild Center. It poured as soon as we got there, so we did the indoor “museum” part first. When the rain stopped, we headed outside to the Wild Walk, where on a nice day you can see 360 degrees of the Adirondacks. It was raining off and on so the sky was pretty dark, but it was still an impressive sight and a cool experience. After another 3-hour drive home, the rain was officially not letting up and we were forced to eat inside but still spent a few hours relaxing on the porch before bed. The rain on our final night meant no fire and no stargazing all weekend, but I’d still consider it a successful holiday weekend!



2016-05-29 13.39.12
Panoramic view of the Adirondacks.


Monday/Memorial Day

I was going to run when I got back to Boston yesterday—I really need to start training for the heat as the 10K in June is most likely going to be VERY hot—but ended up running errands for way longer than I planned. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. So instead of running, my brother and I got burger, fries, beers, and ice cream. Oops. But I did spend a few hours before bed meal prepping for the week, and I’m already back on track with my eating. I’m trying to eat fewer carbs and refined sugars, and more fat. Not exactly LCHF, but better than how I’ve been eating. I still had steel cut oats with flax seed for my second breakfast (the one I have at work – I usually have eggs in some form while I’m at home getting ready), and tonight is Turkey Taco Tuesday but I’m definitely going for a run after work, so I will at least make up for those carbs!


2016-05-30 18.55.12.jpg
Everyone got ice cream – even Rags



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