Been Running

Yup, I’ve been running. And working. A lot. So I’ve just been too busy to update. I think I’ve logged 4-5 runs now since last week when I said I hadn’t run in a month. They haven’t been great runs, but they haven’t been terrible either. I am trying to be kind to my body, and remind myself that surgery is traumatic and it’s not like I can just pick up where I left off a month ago after everything my body has been through in the last month (about 5 weeks now).

What a difference the surgery has made. First of all, I can breathe through my nose—all the time, but especially now when I’m running. I still can’t run with my mouth closed, but I can get air into and out of my nose through my nose! Even more awesome is that I am not wiping away tears from a bulging right eye every 30 seconds. Knowing that, I didn’t bring tissues on my first post-surgery run. Instead, I blew a snot rocket when my nose got drippy. BIG MISTAKE. I absolutely have no shame about blowing snot rockets on runs. However, I am not supposed to be pushing on my nose (doing my makeup still hurts) nor blowing out of just one nostril, and blowing a snot rocket involves both. Ouch! Won’t do that again any time soon. That still means I need to carry tissues, but at least I don’t need a whole box for a 3-mile run. I now carry one for each mile I plan to run.

The ear drops are helping a bit, but the pain is now in both ears, so I am using them twice a day in both ears instead of just my left. Taking Claritin every morning seems to have completely eliminated my weird, long-lasting penicillin allergy (itchy rash, hives) so it’s one more medication on my list but one less annoying, embarrassing thing to deal with. Also, I usually take Claritin all spring/summer every year. I was just hoping with my new sinuses I wouldn’t need it anymore, but that was probably an unrealistic hope.

Tomorrow is my first race since March. I know it’s not going to be a great race for me time-wise, so I’m just going to enjoy my first-ever race in my hometown, on what is supposed to be a cloudy, 60-degree morning—nearly perfect conditions, in my opinion. I’d prefer 70 and cloudy but this means I’ll sweat less.



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