Sinus Surgery Update: 1 Month Post-Op

Friday was the one-month mark from my surgery. It seems like it flew by…probably because I missed a week of my life and felt like crap for another week.

I had my 1-month post-op appointment this morning. The surgeon first looked in my ears because I told him about the lingering pain I’ve had in my left ear for about 2.5 weeks (it had resolved for a few days but came back a lot worse last week). He said nothing looked unusual but he prescribed me antibiotic/steroid ear drops to use for a week.

After getting the terrible numbing spray (terrible because it tastes awful and also numbs your throat and lasts for about an hour), he looked up both sides of my nose. He said there was some crusting, which is probably because I stopped doing my sinus rinses on Friday – they seemed to be no longer productive (AKA nothing gross coming out of my for the previous 5 days or so), so he suctioned that out and said everything else looked “pretty good.” I guess it takes a while to look “great” inside there after this big of a surgery. I go back in 3 months, and don’t need to do the sinus rinses anymore unless I want to.

On my walk back to the office, Walgreens called to say they don’t have my ear drops in stock so they’re being filled at the CVS nearby instead – without me even asking for that. I’m surprised they’d call a competitor to see if they could fill something urgent for me, but it was great that they did. Kudos to you, Walgreens!


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