6 Things You Need to Know Before Running Your First Marathon

I came across this article recently, which is very timely – I’m seriously considering applying to run the Boston Marathon as a charity runner in 2017 if all goes well with the 10K (June) and Half (October) and everything in between.

For me, the biggest takeaway was: “…although most first-timers can properly train in 18 to 22 weeks, you aren’t ready to start training until your long runs are into the double digits.” I’m not there yet. The longest I’ve run is one 4-mile run and one 5-mile run. Granted my Half training plan has that changing in the next few weeks, but it’s still nuts to think about how very far away I am from being even remotely close to ready for 26.2.

#5 always seemed wrong to me. Prior to my last job, I really didn’t know much about running a marathon. But even training for a 5K, I knew I needed to be able to run 3 miles before I signed up for one. Or at least that’s what I thought. Adrenaline in an amazing thing. I’m pretty sure the Dana-Farber team gets up to 22 miles during their group long runs, but no more. Given how tough everyone says the Boston course is, I think that’s why runners tend to get up to 22 rather than the recommended 18-20.


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