Sinuses and Memories of My First 5K

I’m going to stop posting daily post-op updates because I’m officially 2 weeks post-op now, and also I can’t keep up anyway now that I’m back in the office full time so why bother?

Bottom line: I’m still really tired. Constantly. My ear pain comes in waves but is still pretty bad. If it’s still bad by Monday, I’ll call the doctor. I have no weekend plans so I can get plenty of rest, but I am going to attempt a run if my ear is better. If not, I’m going to lay low even though I really look forward to running. My nose hurts most in the morning when I’m doing my makeup – dabbing on foundation with a blender sponge is downright painful so I’ve been cheating and smearing it into the skin on & around my nose instead. My pores are not pleased. I haven’t had any blood clots come out when doing my sinus rinses since the weekend. Now it’s just bright green boogers, occasionally with a tinge of blood. My appetite still isn’t back to normal. I assume that is also because I haven’t exercised in 2+ weeks (I was sick before surgery, remember). Tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics and I really can’t wait to be off them – I blame them for my general malaise.


In more exciting/running-related news, Facebook tells me that 8 years ago today was the first 5K I ever ran. I don’t really count in toward my lifetime total, because that was the first and only race I ever ran as an adult (not counting my one Junior Olympics track season), it was at midnight with my fellow underwater hockey teammates, and I hardly trained for it. I was just in great shape and also pre-Graves’ disease. I can’t believe I was in grad school 8 years ago. I feel so old! But I’ve learned so much since then. Not just about running but also about myself. I ran that race because I joined a team that a boy I adored was on that team. It ended up being good for me – I learned a new sport, became much more physically fit after my cheerleading career ended suddenly with a devastating ankle injury, made new friends, got to travel to new places for tournaments, and learned that I was capable of swimming laps without dying. It’s probably what led to my decision to get scuba certified as well – and although I doubt I would ever do that on a regular basis (my certification has long since lapped but I would maybe do it in shallow water on a vacation somewhere tropical), it was definitely on my bucket list. So maybe it all happened because of a boy who turned out to be a jerk, but it was an awesome experience nonetheless.


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