Sinus Surgery Update: Post-Op Day 8

Another day, another step in the right direction. Last night I slept without my gauze mustache and woke up with no blood on my face or white sheets and blankets. So I’m going to throw away my stash of gauze pads, but the surgical tape is good stuff so definitely hanging onto that.

I ended up taking half a Percocet at bedtime. They don’t cut very well, so the other half ended up crumbling into bits, but the good half was enough to take the edge off without sending me into paranoia land, and I actually slept really well and beat my alarm clock.

2016-04-21 08.27.55
Found my breakfast!

I can tell I’m still a little out of it. I tire easily, I get dizzy if I turn my head too suddenly, and I lose my breakfast occasionally. No, I don’t puke (still amazed I never puked once), I literally lose my breakfast. I couldn’t find my omelette this morning – until I realized that it was still in the cupboard, on the plate. Wow…

I sneezed four times today -the first sneezes since before the surgery. They tell you to sneeze through your mouth, so I did, and the first time I sprayed my whole dining room table in the process. But they didn’t hurt and didn’t start a bloodbath, so I’m definitely healing!

Julia came over for a visit with Simon. She brought me Chick-fil-A! That was a delicious surprise, and it was good to just spend some quality time with her. Rags was super jealous of Simon, and then when Simon started getting cranky and crying a lot, Rags seemed really worried about him. He’s never really been around kids at all before, let alone a baby, so I was nervous the whole time but he was very well-behaved.

I was a lot more tired today than I have been all week. I was fighting sleep the entire afternoon, and couldn’t shut my work computer down fast enough at 5:30 and get into bed with Netflix on my laptop. I took another half a Percocet a little while ago and it’s already kicking in, which I didn’t notice at all when I took half last night, so I must REALLY be tired…



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