Sinus Surgery Update: Post-Op Day 7

(Note: Wrote this Wednesday evening and forgot to post)

My surgery was one week ago today, and I have definitely turned a corner. I think I turned the corner the minute the surgeon removed the splints and sucked out all the blood clots. But the past two days I have felt stronger and more human. I still have a pretty significant amount of pain in my nose, and it is still numb, which you would think would cancel each other out but unfortunately the tip is numb while the insides are wicked painful. Less and less blood comes out each time I do a sinus rinse (he told me to do them twice a day, I’ve been doing them four times a day), and the past two mornings I woke up with no new blood on my gauze mustache. I could probably do without it, but I’m worried about my white sheets and white comforter (although I finally washed my black duvet today, so that can go back on the down comforter), and it still does sting a little when I breathe exclusively through my nose or when I am outside and wind gets up there.

My taste buds are definitely working. My brother made tacos last night for Taco Tuesday and insisted using the “hot & spicy” seasoning mix he bought on clearance. He swore he was only going to use a small amount, but I could not get through one taco without an entire 10-ounce glass of milk, and even then my mouth was still burning. The burning hurt my stomach so bad that I couldn’t eat any more tacos, which made me sad because I love tacos. Instead, I ate about 80% of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, watched some Netflix, and fell asleep.

Today I finally put my Fitbit back on, which was good because I actually did two loads of laundry – and yet still don’t have any clean clothes. I washed all the sheets and blankets my dad used, and the couch throw blankets, and then I did a load of towels. I usually try to use bath towels more than once before washing them, because I only have so many and laundry in my building is not cheap. But every dang time I showered this past week, I inevitably got blood on my clean white towel, because my nose was just bleeding that much. That and a mid-day, full walk with Rags were my highlights for today.


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