Sinus Surgery Update: Post-Op Day 6

I woke up yesterday with no blood on my gauze mustache! I didn’t even feel that congested. I slept pretty well (I haven’t been wearing my Fitbit since before the surgery so I actually don’t know how well I’ve been sleeping, other than noticing how many times I fully wake up) and actually got up at 7am, a full hour before my alarm. I slowly got dressed, took Rags for a walk, and did my first sinus rinse. It was a mildly productive rinse. A few small clots and lots of clear drainage. I have a very phelgm-y cough. I thought this was because of swallowing blood, because I’ve had the cough since the surgery, but I actually had the cough before surgery and just assumed this was something else. I admit I was way more sick last weekend and at the beginning of last week than I let on. I was terrified the surgeon would postpone my surgery. A lot of people at my office were sick, too. So I think my recovery has been slightly complicated by not going into surgery feeling my best. Anyway, it’s one of those annoying coughs where you cough stuff up, but not enough to spit it out, just swallow it back down. Gross, I know, but my life right now is not that cute.

After getting my work laptop up & running, I walked across to street to the coffee shop for a breakfast sandwich and my coffee in a whole week. I’ve lost about 5lbs since surgery, give or take because I seem to fluctuate with a 5-pound range anyway, so I guess you could say I’ve lost 5-10lbs. So I got myself a bacon, egg & cheese croissant and a small iced coffee with whole milk. I never get small coffees and only drink skim, but I knew the caffeine was going to be a huge jolt after going without it for 7 days, and I knew the extra fat would be good for me feeling as weak as I do.

It took me a long time to finish my breakfast, and I only drank about 1/3 of the coffee before I felt over-caffeinated (I think – the feeling mimics the general malaise I’ve felt this past week) and put it back in the fridge for later. Later ended up being a day later.

Around mid-day, I started dragging and feeling very tired. I let myself close my eyes for a few minutes, and even though I wanted to stay asleep, I did feel somewhat refreshed. I did a lot of “busy work” – stuff that has been low on my to-do list for a while, but eventually needed to get done. It took me about 2 hours to read and sort through all my emails from the previous week, and it felt great to have that finally finished.

A bunch of my co-workers chatted me (we use Skye for Business) and asked how I was, and I tried to spare them the gory details. I admitted I was in a fair amount of pain but feeling a million times better than Monday. Everyone has been really supportive and concerned, and it has been really nice not feeling guilty about recovering from major surgery. Lord knows that wouldn’t be the case if I was still at my previous job.



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