Finally – 10K Runner for Android

Today I came across something truly amazing…my favorite running apps have finally made their Android debut! I still love my good ol’ Samsung Galaxy S4 and plan to upgrade to the Galaxy S7 when I’m eligible in July (unless I can sweet talk a nice Verizon gent into letting me upgrade earlier), but I have hated not being able to use the 5K app, and now the 10K app. I had been using 5K Trainer and 10K Trainer from Zen Labs, but I can’t stand them. Now I just use them to look at what the program is, and memorize it before I head out for a run.

Not all of their apps are available for Android, like the Marathon app or the 5K and 10K pacer apps, but I’ll take what I can get and honestly, I’m not ready for any of those yet anyway.

I downloaded the 10K Runner this morning and although I’m still RICE-ing (resting, icing, compressing, elevating) my hip flexor until the 5K on Sunday, I hope to be able to start using the app next week.

Speaking of my hip flexor, I have found a very specific seated position completely eliminates the pain. I like to sit at my desk with my legs up. I know it’s not the best posture, but if I lower my chair enough that my feet comfortably reach the ground, then I can’t reach my desk and it isn’t adjustable at all. So, I flipped over my recycling bin and rest my feet on that most of the time. It’s my right hip flexor that’s hurt, so if I cross my right ankle over the left, there’s no pain. But if my ankles are uncrossed or I put my left on top, it’s super painful. It’s the same way when I’m sitting on the couch with my feet up. I’m sure a physical therapist could explain the reasoning but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I can at least be pain-free when I’m relaxing.


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