Unhappy Hip

After I ran (on the treadmill, thanks to cold weather again – this winter is a ridiculous rollercoaster of weather) on Saturday, my hips were a little sore, but so was the rest of my lower body. I stretched, foam-rolled, muscle-sticked, etc., but I could not manage to get at the nagging ache in my right hip. The pain is right at the top of my thigh, where it creases into my torso. Whatever. I logged 3 miles without stopping, increasing my speed each mile from 5.5mph, 5.7mph, to 6.0mph, all at a 1% incline, so maybe my body just isn’t used to running nonstop on a treadmill vs. outside.

I got up Sunday intending to do 4 miles on the treadmill – 1-mile run followed by a minute of walking, four times. Well I hadn’t even gotten to the second mile before the pain became so apparent that I knew this wasn’t going to be possible. I tried slowing down, shorter strides, keeping my feet completely beneath me…nothing helped. I ended up calling it quits after 3 miles (including a bunch of walking).

I spent some time researching, and it seems I have strained my hip flexor. Everything I’ve read says to take a week off from running or lifting the thigh or kicking. So that means my favorite Monday night tabata class is out tonight. Instead, I’m trying to ice frequently (which is harder than it sounds – the pain is deep in that crease) and take it easy. This 5K next Sunday isn’t going to run itself!


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