My Watery Eye

Since October, running has been a challenge for me and it has nothing to do with my fitness levels or (for once) my shins. Instead, it has to do with my right eye. Warning: this is a very long post and not at all about running. Continue reading


Craicfest 5K Complete

A month ago, I wasn’t even planning to run this race (I sorta knew about it, but never knew anyone who ran it), so I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed with my time of 30:56. A. my hip flexor is still pretty sore and I’m a little surprised that the pain is still so noticeable. B. it was SO crowded along the sidewalks and pedestrian bridges over the river, that even when I did feel like picking up my pace, I couldn’t. I’m sorry, but strollers and dogs really don’t belong in a race. And C. I just didn’t care that much about my time today. It was a truly beautiful morning and the route was so scenic along the Charles, that I just wanted to take it all in.


I knew it was going to be interesting when my running watch failed to connect to GPS until a minute into my run. I literally hit the “start run” button a solid 3 minutes before the gun went off, and even kinda hung off to the side before crossing the start line to see if it would ever connect, but eventually I said, “Screw it!” and took off. Garmin really needs to improve their products. I can understand when it’s cloudy or rainy, but there was hardly a cloud in the sky!

At one point during the first mile, I looked at my wrist and it said I was at a 14:00-something pace. Within a few seconds, it flew up to 8:00-something, then back to a mid-9:00, where it should’ve been. I eventually gave up trying to pace myself with the watch and just ran at a comfortable pace, and tried to increasingly pick it up each mile, but that’s when it got really crowded. I wish I was able to come even a little close to guessing my pace, but I can’t. Turns out my splits were 10:03, 10:01, and 9:16, but I’m not sure how believable that it because it did miss the first 0.05 miles, and then I completely forgot to “end my run” until I was well into my first beer at the post-race party.

Either way, it was a fun day and not too terrible of a race considering A, B, and C.

CaptureUp next is the BAA 5K in 34 days and the Long Meddowe Days Road Race in 69. The latter is on a Saturday, and the Harpoon 5-Miler is the following day. That one is wicked hard to get into, and they’ve made it a lottery system. It would suck to get in and your friends don’t, so I’m still not sure if I want to even try. So, we’ll see. After that weekend, I’ll have a month to prepare for the 10K but hopefully I’m much further along in my training by then.

I just need this dang hip to heal. I’m still planning to go to my Monday night tabata class at the gym tomorrow night, unless work prevents me from doing so for like the third or fourth week in a row.

Finally – 10K Runner for Android

Today I came across something truly amazing…my favorite running apps have finally made their Android debut! I still love my good ol’ Samsung Galaxy S4 and plan to upgrade to the Galaxy S7 when I’m eligible in July (unless I can sweet talk a nice Verizon gent into letting me upgrade earlier), but I have hated not being able to use the 5K app, and now the 10K app. I had been using 5K Trainer and 10K Trainer from Zen Labs, but I can’t stand them. Now I just use them to look at what the program is, and memorize it before I head out for a run.

Not all of their apps are available for Android, like the Marathon app or the 5K and 10K pacer apps, but I’ll take what I can get and honestly, I’m not ready for any of those yet anyway.

I downloaded the 10K Runner this morning and although I’m still RICE-ing (resting, icing, compressing, elevating) my hip flexor until the 5K on Sunday, I hope to be able to start using the app next week.

Speaking of my hip flexor, I have found a very specific seated position completely eliminates the pain. I like to sit at my desk with my legs up. I know it’s not the best posture, but if I lower my chair enough that my feet comfortably reach the ground, then I can’t reach my desk and it isn’t adjustable at all. So, I flipped over my recycling bin and rest my feet on that most of the time. It’s my right hip flexor that’s hurt, so if I cross my right ankle over the left, there’s no pain. But if my ankles are uncrossed or I put my left on top, it’s super painful. It’s the same way when I’m sitting on the couch with my feet up. I’m sure a physical therapist could explain the reasoning but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I can at least be pain-free when I’m relaxing.

Unhappy Hip

After I ran (on the treadmill, thanks to cold weather again – this winter is a ridiculous rollercoaster of weather) on Saturday, my hips were a little sore, but so was the rest of my lower body. I stretched, foam-rolled, muscle-sticked, etc., but I could not manage to get at the nagging ache in my right hip. The pain is right at the top of my thigh, where it creases into my torso. Whatever. I logged 3 miles without stopping, increasing my speed each mile from 5.5mph, 5.7mph, to 6.0mph, all at a 1% incline, so maybe my body just isn’t used to running nonstop on a treadmill vs. outside.

I got up Sunday intending to do 4 miles on the treadmill – 1-mile run followed by a minute of walking, four times. Well I hadn’t even gotten to the second mile before the pain became so apparent that I knew this wasn’t going to be possible. I tried slowing down, shorter strides, keeping my feet completely beneath me…nothing helped. I ended up calling it quits after 3 miles (including a bunch of walking).

I spent some time researching, and it seems I have strained my hip flexor. Everything I’ve read says to take a week off from running or lifting the thigh or kicking. So that means my favorite Monday night tabata class is out tonight. Instead, I’m trying to ice frequently (which is harder than it sounds – the pain is deep in that crease) and take it easy. This 5K next Sunday isn’t going to run itself!

A New Record

2016-02-28 09.51.29Something amazing happened last weekend – I ran 4 miles! Well, OK fine. I completed a 4-mile run that included 4 segments of 10-minute runs followed by 1-minute walks. But I felt great and didn’t want to die. Or, maybe just a little.

Afterward I rewarded myself with a brunch of chicken ‘n waffles and two mimosas. I do believe I earned it.