Another 5K, Another PR

I swore up and down I didn’t care how this race went. But I felt good this morning, and had to tell myself to slow down at least 10 times during the first mile. I didn’t want to gas out. But when I got to the 1-mile mark and my time was 9:52, I knew I had a lot left in me. So I challenged myself to go just a little bit faster for the second and third miles. I know what negative splits are but usually I’m just trying not to die, rather than pace myself, in races.

2016-02-07 11.04.01Despite the 8″ or so of snow we got Friday, the roads were pretty clear in Kendall Square. There was only ice at the start/finish line. And it was SO sunny. I’ve never raced with sunglasses before but I’m glad I did.

By the time I had about a half-mile left, I knew I was going to break my personal best (AKA my PR). I was happy as a clam when I crossed the finish line. My watch said 29:30 but my official time was even better – 29:25! My previous PR was 31:55 at the BAA 5K last April (which was actually my last race, believe it or not – 2015 was not a good running year with my bum ankle). To beat that by exactly 2:30 with maybe only like 50 training runs in between is pretty awesome! And so is being in the top 3rd of my age group!

There was a party afterward with all different kinds of craft beer, wings, and a great band. It was fun to hang out afterward with Teresa, a former Dana-Farber colleague, and her running group. I was smart and brought a change of clothes for after the race. I sweat profusely no matter how hot or cold it is outside, and I knew we’d be outside for a while for the post-race party. I changed everything but my socks, shin sleeves, and shoes. Yes, everything else. Nothing is worse than a soaked sports bra or swamp ass, especially when it’s cold outside. And I was still cold in dry clothes, so I can only imagine how I would’ve felt in my sweaty gear.


I had so much fun running today that I came home and signed up for the Cambridge 5K Craicfest (and then I took a rare afternoon nap). So now I have races lined up for the next six months and need to find something in August. Hopefully longer than a 5K, if all goes well in June!

  • February 7 – Super Sunday 5K in Cambridge
  • March 13 – Craicfest 5K in Cambridge
  • April 16 – BAA 5K in Boston
  • May 21 – Tim Paige Memorial Road Race (at Long Meddowe Days) in Longmeadow, my hometown
  • June 26 – BAA 10K in Boston
  • July 4 – Firecracker4 (4-miler) in Saratoga*
  • October 9 – BAA Half Marathon in Boston (through Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, and Longwood)

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