Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward

I’ve been doing so well with running and workouts, until this past weekend. I almost never have enough energy on Friday nights to cook myself dinner, let alone workout, and this Friday was no excuse. So I knew I’d run Saturday and Sunday. Except that didn’t happen. Saturday’s errands took longer than expected and I really wanted a cocktail at lunch (hey – it was 3pm, so 5 o’clock somewhere) and that put the kibosh on any intentions of running at the gym since they close at 7pm on weekends and I wouldn’t have been completely sober by then. Yes, one drink does me in these days.

I planned to run before yoga on Sunday evening, but then I went outside to walk Rags early afternoon and realized there was no way I could not take advantage of the absolutely unreal, amazing springlike weather. It was 58 degrees on the last day of January in Boston. That’s pretty scary, but I had a great 2-mile/20-minute run around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which normally isn’t runable this time of year as no one plows it after a snowfall. There was only one small stretch that is mostly shaded where I had to walk around an elderly couple so as not to splash them with slush and mud.

2016-02-02 17.24.23

I passed my brother on the way home. He was walking to the bank. About 25 minutes later, he gets back to the apartment sweaty and red-faced. “Oh I think I just ran 2 miles,” he says. You think you just ran 2 miles? Screw you! It took everything I had to run those 2 miles, and you just pulled it out of your butt after not running for more than 3 months when you were only supposed to be walking to the ATM. In all seriousness, that’s pretty awesome.

I tossed and turned all night Sunday, which is unfortunately an everyday occurrence for me now. My commute home Monday was awful, and it took over an hour, so I missed my 7pm tabata class at the gym. I could’ve gone anyway to use the treadmill, but I was pissed off and cranky and feeling just off. So I took Benadryl (I was desperate for sleep), laid out my running gear, and set my alarm for 5am. I was asleep by 9pm. Until I wasn’t anymore. I was drowsy but still slept like crap. I reset my alarm until 6am, and by then I felt the worst I have felt in a long time. I used my first sick day at the new job, and went back to bed for the rest of the morning after walking Rags and making some coffee.

So, this Sunday’s race doesn’t matter. I’m still going to run it, but I’ll have been in a workout/running routine for less than a month-and-a-half at that point and can’t beat myself up about it just yet. If I have to walk, I walk. If it takes me 40 minutes to cross the finish line, so be it. April 16 is the real deal, and everything up until that point is just practice.


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