No Sweating Allowed


I should have run last week. I didn’t. I went to my usual Monday night class and we had a sub, probably due to the snow. And I mean substitute teacher, not a grinder. A grinder would be great right now, aside from the fact I have no appetite. What was I saying? Oh, right. So this new girl taught the class in a completely different format than we’re all used to. It’s a Tabata class and I don’t even know how to pronounce that let alone what the correct format is. But either way, I really didn’t like Monday’s class. It was hard in that my arches ached almost instantly – it was a TON of jumping and a TON of pushup/plank stuff, and my wrist has been hurting. Less, but still hurting. But then it was easy in that I never really was out of breath. I’m sure it was a good, efficient workout but I didn’t like it.

I honestly forget what happened the rest of the week. Tuesday was insane, and I usually take that day off from the gym anyway. I’d had plans for a while to meet my friend Gillian after work on Wednesday for a drink. It turned into dinner and two drinks. Thursday work was insane again, and I very much needed a glass of wine with my co-workers at our weekly Thursday in-office happy hour. And by Friday, I was just so drained. I really did intend to go to the gym, but I was exhausted. Saturday I intended to get up early, go for a treadmill run (since the temperature was about 30° but falling quickly), and then head to my mom’s for the weekend. But I slept later than planned and was raring to go. I didn’t even bother to make breakfast. I just threw Rags in the car and stopped at Dunk’s on my way to the highway. And obviously I did not run while at my mom’s. I mean, I have the last few times I visited. But by the time I got there it was about 20°, and was going to be below 0° by nightfall and -10° overnight. So, no outside runs. I got back to my apartment late on Sunday night, so that was a no-workout day. And Monday, again I really really really did intend to go to my class, but I had spent the previous two days traveling around New England/at both of my parents’ houses, and spent all day Monday running errands, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc., so by late afternoon, I needed a beer and a nap. And so that was that.

Tuesday morning I worked from home until a 10:30am doctor’s appointment, which I thought was just a checkup. When I went for my appointment on Tuesday morning, I had no idea that my doctor was going to decide to take a biopsy. Hello painful! And in typical fashion, my blood wouldn’t clot for a long time. I knew there was no way I was going to work, so I emailed my manager and my colleagues and without going into detail, said my appointment ran long and I’d be working from home the rest of the day. The pain came in waves and the ibuprofen definitely wore off after about 3.5 hours each time I took it and HOLY HELL that was unpleasant.

So I haven’t been able to work out since, and even though the pain is mostly gone, I can’t get sweaty until the biopsy site is healed. So I’m not allowed to work out for a few more days. I actually think I’ll be OK by the weekend, but this is one I’m really not going to risk it on. It just makes me really mad at myself for having really lame excuses all last week when now I finally have a good one.

And then to top it all off, I woke up sick this morning. A 70-degree temperature difference in 36 hours will do that to you…



On This Day

Facebook’s “On This Day” feature is a little creepy and annoying, but I never realized the significance of today’s date until it reminded me.


Six years ago today I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease while lying in a hospital bed after arriving at the cardiac ER (yes, in Florida they have a special ER for heart attacks) in an ambulance. That was not very much fun, but it explained the crazy symptoms I had been having for the previous 6+ months and started me on a rollercoaster journey that I truly hope is behind me for good, aside from the daily pill I take.


And 4 years ago today, I arrived back in Massachusetts for good after a surprisingly uneventful 36 hours in my Corolla with my dad, Rags, and everything else I could fit. After 4.5 years in Florida, it was time. I’ve never regretted my decision. Except maybe a tiny little bit last year while shoveling for what seemed like the millionth Monday in a row.


However, this was also the same night that – after feeling really good about myself for shoveling the sidewalk to the T stop for the entire neighborhood – I heard my then-roommate “on the phone” (I honestly think she was faking a phone call that she knew I would hear) saying horrible things about me and what a terrible person I am. I cried myself to sleep that night, but not before deciding that I was done living with a crazy person. I listed my room on Craigslist the next day and was out of the apartment by the end of the month.

February 9 has been a big day for me several times now. In 2016, it was the day I was beyond tired all day at work and then ended it by taking a huge digger on my d*ckhead neighbor’s sidewalk, where they think it OK to have a drainage pipe from their house empty onto a public sidewalk in 20-degree weather. My back, tush, and elbow thank you.


Another 5K, Another PR

I swore up and down I didn’t care how this race went. But I felt good this morning, and had to tell myself to slow down at least 10 times during the first mile. I didn’t want to gas out. But when I got to the 1-mile mark and my time was 9:52, I knew I had a lot left in me. So I challenged myself to go just a little bit faster for the second and third miles. I know what negative splits are but usually I’m just trying not to die, rather than pace myself, in races.

2016-02-07 11.04.01Despite the 8″ or so of snow we got Friday, the roads were pretty clear in Kendall Square. There was only ice at the start/finish line. And it was SO sunny. I’ve never raced with sunglasses before but I’m glad I did.

By the time I had about a half-mile left, I knew I was going to break my personal best (AKA my PR). I was happy as a clam when I crossed the finish line. My watch said 29:30 but my official time was even better – 29:25! My previous PR was 31:55 at the BAA 5K last April (which was actually my last race, believe it or not – 2015 was not a good running year with my bum ankle). To beat that by exactly 2:30 with maybe only like 50 training runs in between is pretty awesome! And so is being in the top 3rd of my age group!

There was a party afterward with all different kinds of craft beer, wings, and a great band. It was fun to hang out afterward with Teresa, a former Dana-Farber colleague, and her running group. I was smart and brought a change of clothes for after the race. I sweat profusely no matter how hot or cold it is outside, and I knew we’d be outside for a while for the post-race party. I changed everything but my socks, shin sleeves, and shoes. Yes, everything else. Nothing is worse than a soaked sports bra or swamp ass, especially when it’s cold outside. And I was still cold in dry clothes, so I can only imagine how I would’ve felt in my sweaty gear.


I had so much fun running today that I came home and signed up for the Cambridge 5K Craicfest (and then I took a rare afternoon nap). So now I have races lined up for the next six months and need to find something in August. Hopefully longer than a 5K, if all goes well in June!

  • February 7 – Super Sunday 5K in Cambridge
  • March 13 – Craicfest 5K in Cambridge
  • April 16 – BAA 5K in Boston
  • May 21 – Tim Paige Memorial Road Race (at Long Meddowe Days) in Longmeadow, my hometown
  • June 26 – BAA 10K in Boston
  • July 4 – Firecracker4 (4-miler) in Saratoga*
  • October 9 – BAA Half Marathon in Boston (through Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, and Longwood)

Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward

I’ve been doing so well with running and workouts, until this past weekend. I almost never have enough energy on Friday nights to cook myself dinner, let alone workout, and this Friday was no excuse. So I knew I’d run Saturday and Sunday. Except that didn’t happen. Saturday’s errands took longer than expected and I really wanted a cocktail at lunch (hey – it was 3pm, so 5 o’clock somewhere) and that put the kibosh on any intentions of running at the gym since they close at 7pm on weekends and I wouldn’t have been completely sober by then. Yes, one drink does me in these days.

I planned to run before yoga on Sunday evening, but then I went outside to walk Rags early afternoon and realized there was no way I could not take advantage of the absolutely unreal, amazing springlike weather. It was 58 degrees on the last day of January in Boston. That’s pretty scary, but I had a great 2-mile/20-minute run around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which normally isn’t runable this time of year as no one plows it after a snowfall. There was only one small stretch that is mostly shaded where I had to walk around an elderly couple so as not to splash them with slush and mud.

2016-02-02 17.24.23

I passed my brother on the way home. He was walking to the bank. About 25 minutes later, he gets back to the apartment sweaty and red-faced. “Oh I think I just ran 2 miles,” he says. You think you just ran 2 miles? Screw you! It took everything I had to run those 2 miles, and you just pulled it out of your butt after not running for more than 3 months when you were only supposed to be walking to the ATM. In all seriousness, that’s pretty awesome.

I tossed and turned all night Sunday, which is unfortunately an everyday occurrence for me now. My commute home Monday was awful, and it took over an hour, so I missed my 7pm tabata class at the gym. I could’ve gone anyway to use the treadmill, but I was pissed off and cranky and feeling just off. So I took Benadryl (I was desperate for sleep), laid out my running gear, and set my alarm for 5am. I was asleep by 9pm. Until I wasn’t anymore. I was drowsy but still slept like crap. I reset my alarm until 6am, and by then I felt the worst I have felt in a long time. I used my first sick day at the new job, and went back to bed for the rest of the morning after walking Rags and making some coffee.

So, this Sunday’s race doesn’t matter. I’m still going to run it, but I’ll have been in a workout/running routine for less than a month-and-a-half at that point and can’t beat myself up about it just yet. If I have to walk, I walk. If it takes me 40 minutes to cross the finish line, so be it. April 16 is the real deal, and everything up until that point is just practice.