Stitch Fix Review – February 2016

2016-01-29 19.19.26I got my February Stitch Fix a few days early (I got my January one on the 5th), and it made for a fun Friday night. Because in my life, a fun Friday night involves a six-pack or a bottle of wine, takeout or leftovers, and Netflix. This Friday was made even more exciting by the arrival of my Stitch Fix and my first adult coloring book.

I was a little worried when I read my stylist’s (Heidi this month) note that said:

In looking at your pieces I did send you some pieces that are above price point but you will have these pieces in your closet for many seasons.

Heidi likes the word “pieces.” Anyway, I am really happy with this Fix. I didn’t feel like taking pictures until Sunday afternoon, at which time I was tired, unshowered, and overall just a mess. But guess what? I don’t care what I look like in these photos because that’s how I roll when I’m lounging around the apartment on weekends 🙂


Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse



This was the first thing I saw and I think I fell in love with it immediately. The sleeves are adorable and feel almost padded but delicate. I have a silky black sleeveless top I love, but it is unfortunately too tight in the chest now to be worn without a cardigan. So this is definitely a keeper.

Verdict: Keep

Renee C

Starla Printed Pencil Skirt


I tried the skirt on with the blouse. Normally I hate purple and I hate pencil skirts. I think I have a FUPA (Google it – I’m not explaining further) and pencil skirts can accentuate that. But since this is pattered, it distracts from my belly. It has an elastic waistband so it’s really comfy. And for some reason, I’m OK with the purple. I don’t know what other color tops would work with this – the styling card shows a black blouse or a powder blue/stonewash denim button down. I have both, so I will try both! My stylist also gave me the petite size, so its not ridiculously long on me like most skirts are.

Verdict: Keep


Mariella Open Cardigan



My stylists somehow already know me. I had a cardigan just like this but a little more cream colored, and I think it might still be at my BFF Juls’s parents’ house from the night of her wedding reception. Anyway, I’ll be honest – I would not keep this cardigan for this price. However <spoiler alert>, it ends up being $30.40 if I keep all 5 items. The whole look is just way too librarian for me, so I won’t ever combine these 3 items again.

Verdict: Keep

London Times

Velma Dress



I honestly don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $100 for a piece of clothing other than a coat, a bridesmaid dress, or my LL Bean Boots. But I. Love. This. Dress. I’ll admit it’s not really my style. I guess I should say it’s not something I would pick off a rack. But it works. It’s slimming and doesn’t accentuate my love handles like most dresses with fitted waists do. Like the skirt, it’s a petite site so it isn’t that awkward/terrible/hideous”tea length” on me.

Verdict: Keep


Queensland Dolman Jersey Top



(I wore this top for errands all day Saturday so by Sunday when I took these photos, it was looking a little “not fresh.” Kind of like the rest of me in these photos.) This top confuses me. It’s very loose and flowy on top, wicked tight on the waist, and long enough to be an actual dress on me. But if you want it to be shorter, you just don’t pull the bottom hem down as much. The styling card shows a casual look with jeans and a nicer look with a skirt and blazer – and I assume it’s meant to be tucked in with the latter. And actually, tucking this in with a skirt or pants would actually work since it’s so fitted around the waist. At $48, I wouldn’t normally keep this but with the discounts, it ends up being $22.40.

Verdict: Keep

I’m only keeping the cardigan and the jersey top because it’ll cost me $194 to keep the dress, blouse, and skirt, or $220 to keep everything ($300 if I had bought each piece individually). It’s a no-brainer.

Overall, I’m really happy with this Fix! I look forward to next month’s. I told my stylist that I would like to see some lower priced items simply because I spent so much this month. But I’ve seen other Fix reviews from people who got things like a 3-pack of camisoles, which I consider undergarments, so I’d be really disappointed if I got something like that. Hopefully there’s a happy medium to be found.


Long overdue update

It has been more than 9 months since I posted here and no, no babies to speak of. I’m actually in the process of merging this blog with my non-running blog and making them all part of one blog/site for a domain name I purchased. You’d like being in communications/PR, I’d be more savvy about that but as it turns out – I am clueless! I’m not trying to spend any money that I don’t have to, so that process might be slow going for a while.

Now, back to running. I’ve been off and on with running for the past 9 months. However, since the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I’ve been really good about it. I joined the gym across the street from our apartment for winter. My employer covers $350/year of fitness costs and I had anticipated it would be challenging to run outside in the snow and ice all winter. However, it never snowed more than an inch until this past weekend, so I kind of jumped the gun. They were running a great special though, so January was 50% off and I didn’t have to pay a sign-up fee. I figured I would use the gym to run on the treadmill a few times a week, but I quickly realized how much I enjoyed being there. I’ve always been a “I don’t need a gym – I can work out at home/outside, on my own” type of person. But the Sunday night Rockin’ Flow Yoga and Monday night Tabata classes are great. Having a place to stretch and condition and foam-roll without Rags thinking its playtime is also great. And while running on a treadmill sucks (in my opinion) compared to outside, I’ve figured out that lowering the speed from 6.0mph to 5.5mph and increasing the incline from 0 to 1% makes it feel a lot more natural and while not effortless, I am far less winded than I was the first few weeks of treadmill running.

Which is good, because I signed up for a 5K in two weeks! It was going to be a way to earn myself lots of beer and bad food decisions during the Superbowl, but now that the Patriots aren’t playing, I probably won’t be paying attention if I even watch at all, so now it’s just a good excuse to get used to running races again. That is especially important this year, as I signed up for the BAA Distance Medley!


Am I crazy? Probably. Am I thrilled? Absolutely. I’ve never run longer or farther than a 5K/35-some odd minutes. But I really do want to run the Boston Marathon for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute someday and I need to determine if that’s actually realistic (the running part, not the $5,000+ fundraising part) for me. So here is my race schedule for 2016 so far:

*We’ll see. I don’t know how my body is going to feel after running 6.2 miles in what could be a very hot or very rainy day in Boston the week prior.

The good news about all of these races is that I don’t have to fundraise for any of them. That can be a really stressful part of preparing for a race for me, especially because I don’t exactly have a huge social circle to tap into. If all goes well with these races, and I do end up applying for the DFMC for 2017, then I can focus on that fundraising as early on as possible.

My brother also decided to sign up for the Distance Medley. However, he’s fast so we won’t be running “together.” Maybe he can have a beer waiting for me at the finish lines? Either way, it’ll be fun to have someone to go to and from the races with. I get so nervous beforehand! It’s that same feeling from cheering when you’re standing still on the mat in absolute silence waiting for the music to start your 3-minute routine. My anxiety was always at a Level 11, but it was the best rush afterward.

As for training, I restarted the couch to 5K/10K program a few months ago but was really lax about it, but I am currently on week 6. It’s an 8-week program, so I’m right on track. I pretty much run every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday right now (I’ll run more often in the spring when I cancel my gym membership and don’t have fun classes to go to anymore). This Wednesday will be my first 20-minute non-stop run in a while. It sounds like nothing but I’m still got the worst shins in America, and while it doesn’t hurt, I’m always tentative on my left ankle ever since I hurt it last winter (and again in the summer when I fell the exact same way).

I really like the 5K Runner app for iOS. I bought the Pro version a few years ago when I still had an iPhone, and have missed it ever since. But now that I have an iPhone for work, I can bring that to the gym or on outdoor runs and use the app (since it’s not reliant on data or wifi) again. I also have the 10K version of the app so I plan to switch to that after the February 5K. Maybe come April, I’ll be running a 5K with ease and in great shape for the 10K in June. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and on a totally cool note, I applied to be a volunteer at the Boston Marathon. It would mean taking a day off from work if I’m accepted, but I think it’d be a great foray into the race logistics and seeing the runners at points other than Mile 25, where I was stationed the last two years at the DFMC cheering section (which was also right outside my office at the time). You had to pick your top 3 choices so I chose finish line, finish area (not sure the difference), and at any one of the 25 mile marker water stops.

Stitch Fix Review – January 2016

It’s been more than a year-and-a-half since I last posted here – crazy! Granted I had been using my running blog more, but even that fell by the wayside a long time ago.

I didn’t even have an itch to get this thing going away but I signed up for Stitch Fix and needed a place to review my first order and post the pictures because other people’s blogs about Stitch Fix helped me so much that I wanted to do the same.

My (new – but more on that another time) boss is the one who convinced me. She’s been doing it for a while and while we have totally different tastes, I was intrigued by the fact that you can tell them exactly what you like and don’t like, how much you’re willing to spend, and any other preferences.

I wasn’t floored by my first order but I was pleased with two pieces – one of which I’m really torn on, mostly because of the $48 price tag. I apologize for the blotchy face, bloodshot eyes, glasses, and Rudolph nose – I’m sick. I wanted nothing more than to go straight to bed after work but I just HAD to try everything on.

Without further ado:


Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top


I do love this top! It fits well and is super comfy and could be paired with jeans for a casual look or black pants and heels for a nicer work outfit. It’d also look good under a blazer. However, I have a similar top from Old Navy that was probably $14 or $18. Granted that one is more fitted (and thus less flattering), but I can’t justify spending $48 on this one.
Verdict: Return


Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top


I hated this. The pattern/texture was just not something I’m interested in – “space dye” is a spot-on description. It was SO long that it made me look like short and wide. It was also really thin so even if it fit well and had a non-space cadet pattern, it wouldn’t be worth $58. It was almost see-through.

Verdict: Return


April Patterned Knit Sweater


This could be so cute…if it fit. It’s HUGE. I’m big on pushing up my sleeves anyway, because I’m always busy and if I’m not busy, I’m probably not wearing long sleeves. I have long monkey arms and yet somehow these were so long on me. You can’t even see my fingernails when I let the sleeves fall naturally. It was comfy and had this cute, cutout scalloped texture. You’d definitely have to wear a cami under this. Unfortunately it was just too big. It was less expensive the other tops, which is odd for a sweater.
Verdict: Return


Boulder Button Down Blouse


I absolutely love this blouse and I knew I would before I even tried it on. With the sleeves down, it looks like a dressed up version of a good ol’ flannel. With the sleeves rolled & buttoned up, it looks a little more ladylike. I also tried it tucked it and nope! Not with this belly. And don’t worry I wouldn’t wear it out in public with leggings. I was just truly over the jeans.

Verdict: Keep


Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean


I wanted to love these jeans. I have a hard time with jeans. Anything not skinny or fitted just makes me look even bigger. And capris or rolled cuffs make me look even shorter. So, these jeans were totally working against me. I also think the distressed look is a little too 2003 Abecrombie & Fitch for a 31-year-old, and also these are NOT appropriate for New England winters so even if they worked for my body, I wouldn’t be able to wear them for several months. They did fit perfectly, though!

Verdict: ReturnOverall, I’m happy with this order and will definitely try it again.

Here’s what I told my stylist, Emma:

Hi Emma! Thanks for giving me options for work. My office definitely emphasizes the casual in business casual, but I don’t wear jeans to work and it’s always things you would be OK with your grandma seeing you wear. I am fine with one piece per Fix being something I would wear on the weekends or out to brunch friends. I would have loved the sweater if it was smaller. I don’t like to emphasize my stomach so looser clothing I am usually a medium while tighter, form-fitting tops usually have to be a large. The Boulder blouse was a perfect fit and exactly my style! Looking forward to my next Fix. Thanks again!