I ran! And ordered myself a night splint

Not only did I finally log 2 miles today, I ran for 10 minutes straight. Twice! I’m not sure if it’s confidence from being told I am allowed to run or rebellion from being told to take it easy, but it felt good to run. I haven’t been able to run for more than a few minutes at a time in months. I ran for 10, walked for 4 (which hurt WAY more than running), then ran for another 10. Then I did my homework – the exercises the physical therapist gave me to do at home. It consists of calf raises, toe raises, balancing on one leg, squats, and bridges. Let me tell you – balancing on one leg has never been so painful.

I forgot to mention in my post about physical therapy yesterday that he told me I should also wear a night splint. They can be ugly and bulky and itchy, so I bought the cutest, softest one I could find online:

It keeps your ankle at a 90-degree angle while you sleep, which is usually best for people with plantar fasciitis (I have that, too) but especially good for me right now because I point my toes in my sleep. I do it mostly because my ankles are so shot and weak and it hasn’t bothered me until now – because pointing my toes hurts my left ankle SO bad. I’ll definitely take a selfie once it arrives tomorrow.


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