Back in the saddle

And by saddle, I mean running shoes and YakTrax.

Three weeks ago, I finally decided to wrap up my bum ankle and pound some pavement. I’m working from home (as in, Longmeadow) on Wednesdays right now so the minute I’ve logged my 8.5 hours, I can do what I need to do instead of taking a train ride followed by a 2-hour drive and then having a chance to work out, which honestly does not usually happen. When you wake at 4, spend 5-6:30 in the car, 6:30-7 on the T, 7-3:30 at the office, 3:30-4 on the T, and 4-6ish in the car, you definitely do not have much energy to work out at night. I’ve really got to figure something out.

So anyway, I did a 1-mile run without stopping. My ankle hurt like a mo-fo, but I did it. However, I was in so much pain afterward that I decided I can’t do that again. So a week later, after daily icing, I ventured out again for a 2.5-mile run/walk session. I forget what the run vs. walk times were, but I averaged a 13-minute mile so it was a lot of walking, and some slow running (AKA jogging). The pain during my run was significantly better, but it still hurt pretty bad afterward. Friday, I had a rough commute and a shitty day at work, but knew running would help me clear my head. I was right. I logged 2.75 miles, another run/walk session. I ran for 2, walked for 1, averaging a 12-minute mile. Pain continued to improve. And then last night, after a long day of driving to and from my mom’s to attend my cousin’s baby shower, and eating pretty lousy, I put in another 2.7 miles. This time, I ran for 3, walked for 2, averaging 12:24.

Then all my pain came back. I took a full week off from running and went to my primary care physician’s urgent care clinic on Friday. I saw a different doctor, who I really did not like. She looked at my ankle for about 3 seconds and said, “If you can run, it’s not broken. I’m not sure what you want me to do. We can take an X-ray to see if was fractured previously, but has since healed.” OK…what would the point of that be? I’m glad to hear there’s no way it is currently broken, but I expected her to examine it a little more. There is a significantly larger mass on that bone that sticks out from the outside of my ankle as compared to my right ankle. The physical therapy department ended up calling me to schedule an appointment – I may or may not call them back. I’m going to see how running goes tomorrow.

My goal tomorrow is 5 minutes of running, 1-2 minutes of walking. Because six 5-minute run sessions plus a little bit of walking is all I need to finish a 5K.

I’m confident that April 18 is not going to suck terribly. However, it’s going to be slower than last year, when I trained like a beast for 8 solid weeks leading up to the race. That was my first race, though, so I was super nervous and cared a lot about my time. This year, I know the course, know I can finish, and can focus on the cause rather than my time. I might have to slow down a few times. I might even need to walk or take a water break. But I’ll finish, and hopefully will meet my $1,000 fundraising goal. I’m 55.5% there!


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