Guess what arrived on the same day?

My B.A.A. 5K welcome packet from the Run For Dana-Farber folks, and my Garmin Forerunner 10 gps running watch showed up in my mailbox on the same day last week. Yipee!

2015-01-30 17.47.47I’ve been eyeing that watch for a looooong time. It was on my Christmas wish list, but I didn’t get it. The price has been slowly but steadily dropping on Amazon for weeks, but I actually found it $15 cheaper from, because it was a manufacturer-refurbished product. Honestly, you would never know. It looks brand new.

It arrived last Friday, but I was headed to my mom’s for the weekend immediately after work. I charged it overnight there, and got all dressed and ready to go for a run on Saturday. It was 10℉, with the wind chill -8℉. Honestly, coldest run ever. I was so excited to test out the watch that I didn’t care. I ran out the front door, out of my mom’s parking lot, and up the hill. The sidewalks were snowy and icy, but I was wearing my new YakTrax and honestly, they made it like running on a sunny summer day on clear pavement. Uh-mazing! However, within about 30 seconds, my lungs were on fire. Every breath hurt. This was a new kind of hell I hadn’t experienced before and I decided it was so cold, the air in my lungs was probably turning to ice. My nose was running like a faucet, and the boogers were immediately freezing on my lips. I got to the top of the hill and decided I’d had enough. I turned around and walk-ran home.

I literally made it 0.37 miles. I was crying, but not from sadness, just sheer misery. However, the watch worked like a charm. Later that day, I plugged it into my computer and was able to view the “run” (we can’t even really call it that, can we?) on the Garmin website, which automatically added it to my MapMyRun account. Pretty nifty!


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