Turkey Trottin’

Five 5Ks in one year may not be that impressive to some, but for me, it’s something I never thought I could accomplish. Six would be even more cool simply because it’d mean an average of one every other month, but unfortunately I had to bail out on what would have been my sixth yesterday due to the fact that my extended family celebrates Christmas two weeks early.

Anyway, on Thanksgiving morning, my dad and I participated in the Stuffing the Pantry 5K. He did the 2-mile walk, I did the 5K run. I have never been so miserable running in my whole life. OK, maybe the first time I ran 30 minutes without stopping. But the most miserable of recent memory.

20141126_120536On Wednesday, it snowed about 6” out in western Mass. By dusk, it had turned to sleet. Overnight, the sleet turned to ice, freezing the top layer of snow and every surface.

By Thursday morning, the roads were mostly OK, but half the race was along a bike path, which was not in good shape at all. My sneakers are not meant for running in snow or ice, and I spent the whole race trying to stay upright and not slip. I’ve not had to do that before, so I didn’t realize what a workout it is for your hips. My hips rarely hurt running. By the first mile, I was in pain. I was slow, because again, trying not to die means running tentatively. I literally did not pass anyone for the first two miles – everyone else passed me.

I was feeling really lousy about myself and my run, but somehow my time wasn’t THAT bad – 33:35. But I’d been running a lot more often before that, so my time should’ve been like 31 minutes. Oh well. We brought a huge bag of canned goods for the Open Pantry, and I got a free t-shirt and reusable grocery bag. Dad got a free saw. No really, a saw. They offered me one but surprisingly I don’t have any uses for a hand saw in Boston.

By the way, my most steady pace ever:


Up next? Not sure. I was registered for the Cambridge 5K Yulefest with the other Boston SEC alumni yesterday, but it was the Lafferty family Christmas party in Watertown, Connecticut, so I sold my bib to someone else. Hopefully I can find a race before New Year’s.


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