New digs

Among other things, my dad got me some great running swag for Christmas. Most importantly were my new running shoes: the Mizuno Wave Rider 17. The 18s are already out, but I don’t like any of the colors and they’re a lot more expensive, so the 17s are what I wanted. I’m pretty particular about my running shoes, and Wave Riders are some of the best neutral shoes (meaning I don’t roll my ankles inward or outward when I run…a bit of irony down below) out there. I think I was one of the only kids who wore Mizuno soccer cleats instead of those trendy Adidas ones back in the day, and now I won’t wear anything BUT Mizuno to run in. I still need my Aetrex Lynco Sport Series L405 orthotic insoles for my really high arches, metatarsal pain, and of course, shin splints (which are SO much better these days).

I’ve been running in my 15s that I picked out after a running assessment about two years ago. I really didn’t wear them at all for the first year I owned them (I spent six months in physical therapy instead) but I ran a ton this past year and they are pretty beat up. Compared to the newer models, they’re also a lot heavier and more clunky. I’ve also noticed more hip and knee pain, so it was time for new kicks. I WILL be wearing the old ones on snowy, slushy days so as not to ruin my pretty new shoes, but only when it’s actually wet outside. I’ve been wearing the new ones constantly to break them in, and my first run in them on Saturday was rather uncomfortable, and I actually rolled my ankle about 50 yards from my dad’s house at the end of my run – I NEVER roll my ankles! I heard a car coming up behind me and was going to keep running until it passed me so I could cross the street, and I just looked over at the car as it passed and BOOM, ankle rolled. I’m actually in a fair bit of pain today – more than I was yesterday – so I’m trying to keep it elevated and will ice when I get home from work.

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Brave The Run Gloves - Women's - Black/Black/ReflectiveDad also got me Under Armour running gloves – size small! You don’t know how hard it is to find gloves that are small enough to fit my midget hands correctly, and the whole “touchscreen compatible” feature goes out the window when the glove’s fingers are 3 inches longer than your fingers. So these are a perfect, snug fit. They’re breathable, so my hands won’t sweat like they do in those $3 cotton gloves that come in every color/pattern under the sun, and my hands will be warm and dry.

Finally, Dad got me YakTrax so that I can run on the snow and ice without dying. Definitely wish I had these for the Turkey Trot. What’s funny is I bought him some cheap knockoffs for Christmas, and like a typical dad, he bought me the real deal. I will defend my purchase by saying his are purely for walking – not running – so they don’t need to be super fancy. I’m looking forward to trying them out soon, but unfortunately it’s been in the 50s lately so not seeing any heavy snow in the near future. Some winter…

He also got me two bottles of sauvignon blanc, and Mom got me a down comfortable and all sorts of lotions and creams, so I now have everything I need to survive winter running, and then the aftermath. Now if only the GPS on my phone would work so I could use MapMyRun


Run Dana-Farber…again

I’ve officially been accepted to the Dana-Farber team for the B.A.A. 5K again in 2015, but I politely declined their offer to start fundraising during the holidays. I would have to pay my $75 registration fee now, six days before Christmas. Not happening.

However, I’ll get my fundraising page shortly after the New Year so expect to hear from me requesting a donation at least once between then and the April 18 race.

Turkey Trottin’

Five 5Ks in one year may not be that impressive to some, but for me, it’s something I never thought I could accomplish. Six would be even more cool simply because it’d mean an average of one every other month, but unfortunately I had to bail out on what would have been my sixth yesterday due to the fact that my extended family celebrates Christmas two weeks early.

Anyway, on Thanksgiving morning, my dad and I participated in the Stuffing the Pantry 5K. He did the 2-mile walk, I did the 5K run. I have never been so miserable running in my whole life. OK, maybe the first time I ran 30 minutes without stopping. But the most miserable of recent memory.

20141126_120536On Wednesday, it snowed about 6” out in western Mass. By dusk, it had turned to sleet. Overnight, the sleet turned to ice, freezing the top layer of snow and every surface.

By Thursday morning, the roads were mostly OK, but half the race was along a bike path, which was not in good shape at all. My sneakers are not meant for running in snow or ice, and I spent the whole race trying to stay upright and not slip. I’ve not had to do that before, so I didn’t realize what a workout it is for your hips. My hips rarely hurt running. By the first mile, I was in pain. I was slow, because again, trying not to die means running tentatively. I literally did not pass anyone for the first two miles – everyone else passed me.

I was feeling really lousy about myself and my run, but somehow my time wasn’t THAT bad – 33:35. But I’d been running a lot more often before that, so my time should’ve been like 31 minutes. Oh well. We brought a huge bag of canned goods for the Open Pantry, and I got a free t-shirt and reusable grocery bag. Dad got a free saw. No really, a saw. They offered me one but surprisingly I don’t have any uses for a hand saw in Boston.

By the way, my most steady pace ever:


Up next? Not sure. I was registered for the Cambridge 5K Yulefest with the other Boston SEC alumni yesterday, but it was the Lafferty family Christmas party in Watertown, Connecticut, so I sold my bib to someone else. Hopefully I can find a race before New Year’s.