Here comes my third 5K

Yesterday, my brother and I decided to do a bar crawl in Boston on Saturday afternoon/evening. Today, we decided to run a 5K the following morning. Lord help us…

No but really. I decided I want to run a 5K every month until I’m ready for a 10K. So that’ll fulfill my July requirement, while also ensuring I don’t get too crazy on Saturday. If I know I need to be up early to run, I’ll have one drink at each bar – there’s only five bars, and we’re staying at each bar for an hour, and we’re done by 8 p.m. Also, the race is for a good cause. The Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry’s Kids First program provides food to families during the summer who normally rely on free or reduced breakfast and lunch at school throughout the rest of the year. I did pro bono PR work for a place exactly like this in Ft. Myers, and I’m glad to help out through running.

I “officially” started training for a 10K last weekend, which really just means going back a bit in my runs – shorter runs with more walking interspersed until I can work my way back up to running 30+ minutes without stopping and, most importantly, without pain. I’d been running without my shin sleeves because it is SO. DAMN. HOT. but I realized I really can’t go without them more than once a week.

So as long as I don’t end up in the slammer or the ER on Saturday, I’ll be running my third real 5K (fourth ever, if you count the one I ran a million years ago in Florida at midnight) on Sunday morning. And hopefully my brother mans up and runs it with me.



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