Running with strep

Actually, this post should be called “NOT running with strep.” Last week, everyone at work started dropping like flies. Namely my boss, who is NEVER sick, but came down with the worst case of strep I can imagine. Sure enough, by the time I left work on Friday, I was feeling quite lousy. I ended up calling my doctor’s urgent care line before bed on Friday and got myself an appointment for the following morning. I don’t mess around.

The doctor said I had all the tell-tale signs of strep, especially given that people around me had it. But the rapid strep test was negative, and you know how they are about unnecessarily prescribing antibiotics these days. He also said the gigantic black bruise on my arm was a hematoma – an unrelated casualty from donating blood. He sent me on my way, which was straight to the gym (it was POURING outside).

I got on the treadmill, already dreading it. I hate running on the treadmill. It’s so boring. But I quickly realized that not only would this be a boring treadmill run -it was going to be a pathetic treadmill run. It wasn’t hot at all on Saturday, but I started sweating profusely. I could barely run. Nothing hurt, but I felt so weak. I ran a 10:30-mile before deciding this wasn’t working. I slowed down to a fast walk, and did another half-mile walking before I tried running again. This time, I could only run a half-mile before needing to stop. I eventually completed 2 miles running, but it took me several walking breaks and about 45 minutes. I stepped off the treadmill totally drenched and feeling like I might pass out.

That was the end of any effort over the weekend. I went home and napped for a good chunk of the afternoon. I spent all day Sunday on the couch, popping ibrupofen every four hours and downing as much water, tea and chicken noodle soup as I could. I couldn’t manage solid foods – it hurt too much. When my alarm went off Monday morning, I knew there was no way. First of all, I hardly slept. As I was emailing my team to let them know I was staying home, I got an email from our admin saying she felt exactly how I did and wouldn’t be coming in either.

I went back to work on Tuesday and now it’s Wednesday and I’m feeling much better, but I’m still not sleeping at night. I know exactly why – I’m not working out. I don’t sleep well on days I don’t exercise. It kinda sucks, because we need days off. But that means rain or shine (it will be raining), tonight I run. Outside, because I can’t force myself back onto a treadmill until it’s colder than 40 or the streets have flooded.

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