You take the bad with the good

Monday night’s run was the most disappointing I’ve had so far (shocking – it was a Monday). It started off on the wrong foot (no pun intended) from the get-go. I remembered to pack my running gear but forgot it in my car during the workday, and my car is parked a few blocks away. I even took a walk at lunchtime to go get it but I park in one of those old school garages where half the cars are actually lifted up—like when you take it to the mechanic—so they can fit cars underneath. And my car was moved to an upper spot, so I couldn’t get my stuff without a huge hassle. Whatever. 

Fortunately, Horn Pond has a public restroom, so I went in there to change. I actually saw Juls and Buster arriving for a walk, so I walked with them as my warmup. After five minutes, I kicked it into high gear. Let me tell you something about running in 50mph winds. The wind sucks, especially when it’s blowing against you. It’s also a ton of fun to have sand and dirt and even leaves and sticks blowing into your face. Whatever. 

I took a trail that I thought would give me the longer route around the lagoon, but instead it led to nowhere—all the while constantly curving and passing over downed trees and low-hanging branches. I didn’t intend to do a trail run through the wilderness, but I did. And then I had to abruptly stop when the trail led right into the water. I had to turn around. Whatever.

As I found my way back to civilization, I realized my blisters were starting to burn. A lot. I thought it was safe to run in my orthotics again—especially since I had realized that running without them is why my legs have been so sore since Saturday—but I was apparently wrong. I also forgot to wear double socks even thought I packed two pairs. I had to walk a bit because the pain got so bad, and finally I sat down on a bench and took out my orthotics, but that meant running on the surface of my sneakers, without even the cheap insoles that came with them. That was really uncomfortable, but whatever.

By this point, I’m more than halfway and thinking, “I can finish this. I’ll go to my car, put the cheap insoles in, and run till I hit 3 miles.” But the pain from my blisters was so searing that even without the orthotics pushing on them, I could not go on. The wind was literally 50mph and I was miserable, in pain, and in a completely rotten mood. The wind was even making my mouth bone dry, and I simply cannot breathe though my nose with all my sinus issues. So I gave up. I ended up managing to complete 2.5 miles, but I walked more than I care to admit. I limped back to my car, ripped off my shoes, and drove home in socks. Then, I limped into the house, nearing tears, when I saw a giant box on the dining room table. Frank orders stuff online approximately six days a week, so I really didn’t think anything of it. But I saw a hand-addressed card above it, so it must’ve been mine.

And boy was it.

2014-04-17 19.57.02

KD sent me a 5K care package. As you know, she’s an actual runner, so she knows exactly what one needs before and after a race. I think the best part was the card with a sweet, handwritten note inside. Or the Haribo. Either or. I’m pretty excited to be able to have candy and sweets again after 44 days without them! She also included a breakfast bar, a Luna bar, craisins, a clementine, two packets of vitamin C/flavoring to add to my water (today!) and of course, Advil for Saturday afternoon when I can hardly move (either due to the run or the mimosas or both).

I literally sat down on the floor and cried. I was so overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I have been too busy to post much this week, but I haven’t run since Monday. My blisters are slowly healing and I knew it was more important to take care of them than to continue trying to break the 3-mile mark. I know I’ll be fine tomorrow as long as my feet aren’t bleeding into my socks. I took a sick day on Wednesday and a full day of rest was probably just what my body needed. Now it’s just one more day of work, one night of preparations, and then the big day tomorrow morning. It’s looking like a 45-ish degree run tomorrow morning. Not my favorite, but the sun might actually be out and starting to make it over the tops of the Boston skyline. Fingers crossed!


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