¡Muchas gracias Francisco!

Known to most of you as "Frank" or simply "my roommate," Dr. Frank is my most recent donor. It's yet to be determined what exactly he is a doctor of - possibly love, something more obscene and therefore not appropriate for this blog, maybe even being the Rags-whisperer - but all that matters is he… Continue reading ¡Muchas gracias Francisco!


Dziękuję Karolina!

She prefers Karo, but my former co-workers and I always called her by her given name. She's the only legit Polish person I know and she's a web content extraordinaire who also happens to be the most recent person to donate toward my 5K. Thanks Karolina! Be as cool as Karolina by donating here. I'm at… Continue reading Dziękuję Karolina!