Ready ready ready, ready to run

Thank you, Dixie Chicks. Every time I put in my earbuds and lace up my sneakers, “Ready to Run” gets stuck in my head.

I’ve really been slacking on updating. Life has been busy, hectic, and downright stressful. So here’s how my running has been going.

Monday’s run was on the treadmill and it was unpleasant. It’s crazy to me that running on the treadmill hurts more than running on pavement, but I read that because shin splints are caused by heel strike, and you can’t really lean forward that well on a treadmill, it makes them worse. I have to make a conscious effort to lean forward when I run outside but when I do, it makes a world of a difference. I did abs afterward, and they were still sore two days later!

2014-03-17 17.14.23

Tuesday was elliptical. Wednesday was another run day. I debated going to the gym because it was really cold outside, but I decided I’d rather be cold than in extra pain. It was the longest run intervals I’ve done thus far, and I really impressed myself with how good and capable I felt.

2014-03-19 18.20.37


I couldn’t work out on Thursday – Florida played at 4:15 p.m. so I went straight from work to the bar to watch with all my fellow alumni. Friday was one of the hardest days of work in a long time. I ended up working a 10-hour day, and then came home and worked for another four hours or so. I rewarded myself with a glass-and-a-half of wine for dinner. So, no running.

Saturday’s run was awesome. Of course, I’m paying for it now but the two 8-minute runs felt absolutely exhilarating.

2014-03-22 09.09.02

I’m experiencing a new pain. Well, not new, but my shin splint pain is more in my inside upper ankles. I think I might be wearing my compression sleeves too high, and not providing my ankles enough support.

I’m always sure to stretch after running, and have figured out that intense calf stretches are exactly what my shins need. I stand either up on a block at the gym, or on the edge of a stair at home, and let my heels fall below the edge. Oh, it feels good just thinking about that stretch!

I owe a bunch of “thank you” posts and I promise those are coming.


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