So many thank yous

Yesterday, I got three MORE donations from family members/family friends.


My mom’s cousin – my second cousin – Linda made a donation in honor of her husband. Frank has been fighting bladder cancer for two years. Bladder cancer has a high recurrence rate, and that’s one of the reasons that one of my events, the Northeast Classic, supports genitourinary cancers research. Thank you Linda, and fight on Frank!

I don’t have a photo of Jeanne, but she’s a dear friend of our family. She lives in the same complex as my mom, and she always comes over to say hi when I’m visiting. It’s because of people like Jeanne that I know my mom has great people watching out for her while I’m 150 miles away.


Jeanne just lost her granddaughter, Lindsey, this past October. Lindsey fought a long and courageous battle but eventually, the cancer won as it so often does. No one should have to deal with cancer, but Lindsey was younger than me – a mere 26 years old. A quick Google search of her name will show you just how much she was loved – there are dozens of articles about the teacher taken too soon. Thank you Jeanne!


My Aunt Lori is my godmother. She’s my mom’s only sister, and I spent many long weekends and school vacations with Aunt Lori’s family. Her daughter, my cousin Jill, and I got into way more mischief than two little girls ever should, and she usually let us get away with it without telling my mom. Usually. She moved to North Carolina several years ago so we don’t see her as often anymore, but she’s always willing to support me in whatever I’m passionate about. She donated in memory of my Grandpa, her dad, who passed away in 1991. He dealt with the effects of lung cancer for a long time – working around asbestos before we knew how dangerous they were. I miss my Grandpa every day and am proud to honor him on April 19. Thank you Aunt Lori!


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