I don’t want to run today

But I really don’t have a choice. I took yesterday off from exercise completely, and Tuesday I did the elliptical, so I haven’t run since Monday. But after I did run on Monday, I forgot something crucial—icing my shins. So they have hurt ever since then, and probably will until I loosen up those muscles again. At least, that’s my hope. I’m sure running will be at least slightly painful tonight, but I will absolutely not forgot to ice afterward. My therapist also suggested heat before running, but that really isn’t possible when I’m coming straight from work (which is at least a 40-minute commute).

This is really the first day I haven’t wanted to run. I was out late last night and will be up late tonight watching the first new episode of Scandal since early December (priorities, baby!) so tomorrow I’m going to be draaaggggging.


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