My fundraising page

Guess what else (besides me) is up & running? My fundraising page! Because I’m part of a team and not just running the race on my own, I committed to a $500 fundraising goal. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that $500 was the minimum, but I’m very nervous about not meeting that goal (and having to pay the rest myself) so I decided to set the bar low, and set a new goal if and when I exceed my goal. That’s fair, right?


Anyway, I’d encourage you to read up on my organization and learn about everything they do. I truly have never loved a job so much in my whole life, and people I talk to about my job don’t believe someone could actually be obsessed with their job after the honeymoon period, but I still am. And I firmly believe it’s because of our mission.

If you have any questions about where your money will go, feel free to ask me. But I can tell you right now that 100% goes directly to adult and pediatric cancer care and research. It doesn’t go to one specific fund or area, but to where it’s needed most right now.

Thanks for your consideration!


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